Sacra di San Michele, Italy

The Italian monastery Sacra di San Michele is located in the Susa Valley not far from the city of Turin. Then as now, the abbey continues to fascinate its visitors. In 983, the foundation stone for the church was laid in Piedmont, and construction was completed just four years later. The monastery impresses with its mixture of devotion, culture, art, history and architectural features. A visit to the sacred building is warmly recommended to everyone on vacation. The castle-like facility on Monte Pirchiriano has a very special charisma.

Inspiration and place of reflection in the Italian Alps

The Sacra even served as a film set in 1986. In the extraordinary spiritual atmosphere, scenes were created for the film adaptation of Umberto Eco’s novel ‘The Name of the Rose’. Originally the Benedictine abbey was built in honor of the Archangel Michael. That is why it is nicknamed ‘San Michele’. Nowadays, however, it is not Benedictines, but members of the Rosminian order who live in the monastery walls.

Art in the monastery

Gothic and Romanesque architectural styles form an exciting combination in the church. The church can also offer a variety of sacred sights. These include the fresco of the Assumption of Mary, the portal made of gray-green stone and a statue of the angel San Michele. Furthermore, graves, archways, the monastic library and the museum are waiting to be discovered by visitors. It is possible to take part in guided tours. A guided tour of the church is compulsory on Sundays and public holidays.


Via ferrata and mountain bike tours up the mountain offer sporting challenges that are rewarded with a fabulous view of the Susa valley when you reach the top.


With an area of ​​around 224 km², Elba is the third largest island in Italy after Sardinia and Sicily. It is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea and belongs to the province of Livorno in the Tuscany region. Elba is known for its beautiful beaches and beautiful nature as well as for its historical importance. Napoleon lived here in exile from 1814 to 1815 and resided in Villa Martino, about 5 km outside the center of Portoferraio. The building is now a museum and is one of the most important sights on Elba. The island also offers its guests countless other interesting cultural monuments that are worth a visit. So the best conditions for a wonderful holiday on the island of Elba in Italy.

Sights and activities

The 1019 m high Monte Capanne is the highest mountain on Elba. If you want to enjoy the magnificent view from its summit, you can take the Cabinovia, a very special cable car, from Marciana to the top. The cabins consist of metal baskets, each with space for two people. This makes the trip an extremely exciting experience. One of the most beautiful places on Elba is the idyllic Capoliveri, which is located on the slopes of Monte Calamita. When strolling through the narrow streets, places open up again and again that allow wonderful views of the sea. Elba is also a hiking paradise and the best way to experience the natural beauty of the island is on foot. There are many different routes to choose from for beginners and advanced skiers.

In the so-called Sassi Ritti Zone in the southern part, around 2 km from San Piero in Campo, one encounters four standing menhirs, which presumably mark a pre-Romanesque burial site. A visit to this necropolis and the other historical sites in the Pietra Murata region is often a highlight of their stay on the island for travelers interested in history and culture.

Elba offers numerous beautiful beaches and an extremely varied landscape and is suitable for a beach holiday as well as for hiking holidays and study trips.


Romantic port city in Puglia

Monopoli is an Italian city in the metropolitan area of ​​Bari and the Apulia region. The city has about 50,000 inhabitants and is particularly important as an agricultural, industrial and tourist center. Monopoli is a place where visitors can stroll around the small beautiful harbor, look at boats, romp in the azure blue water and watch the fishermen repair their nets. There are a number of activities here, from historical sites to cultural attractions that vacationers can enjoy for many days.

Charming Italian flair

Monopoli, in Apulia – the heel of the Italian boot, has been around since 500 BC. Inhabited and takes its name from the early Greek city that was founded here. “Monos Polis” means “unique” and the city still offers that special feeling that has disappeared from so many other cities in Italy that are on major tourist routes. Monopoli still feels lively and imperfect about it, which adds to its charm. It’s an old port city – a bit like a quiet, completely beachfront Naples.

Like many of the cities in this part of Puglia, the old town of Monopoli is built of white stone and dotted with other whitewashed buildings, all of which contrast perfectly with the light blue sky of Puglia. There is a stone church on almost every corner. Some are roughly hewn, others adorned with carved reliefs, sculptures and stone angel decorations. But the best and quietest of all is the harbor. Here sunbathers can stroll along the water, watch the simple boats as the tide comes in and admire the quick manual labor of the fishermen repairing the nets while they themselves sit on the beach promenade. Monopoli is an ideal starting point to explore the area south of Bari in Puglia.

Life in Monopoli has the slow, enchanting pace of la dolce vita. While there are many beautiful sights in the Apulian city, sometimes it is best to take the time, relax and watch life go by in a central square – best with a glass of wine or a cup of cappuccino in hand.

Sacra di San Michele, Italy