Running Shoes: with Damping or Minimalist? Tea Help Choose Yours

One of the first things we do when we decided to start running is buy new sneakers. Yes, personally, I love to buy shoes (with heels, to be able to be), how don’t I would like buy shoes? That Yes, it must be clear what we have to look at the time of making this purchase.

And it is that the design is not all that counts. May we find precious sneakers, with a special design or colours which we love, but what interests us here is the same functionality. This doesn’t mean that they are beautiful, but in this case the function goes ahead of aesthetics.

When we go to buy running shoes, one of the most important rating things is its damping: how much is necessary? and how much is too much? We help you choose the perfect running shoe with the cushioning you need.

The importance of using proper footwear

I remember as if it were yesterday one of my first adventures to go running. By the time I practiced other sports such as spinning or work with weights in the fitness room, so it was shoes suitable for these disciplines: shoes with cleats for bike or very flat shoes to lift weight.

The fact is that, as he had no others, I got my planitas shoes and went for a jog. To turn brought back made an eight, with a pain in lower back that was me it wasn’t in a few days caused, halfway, by poor posture and running without any cushioning the first time it came out, when my technique was a little.

Needless to say that not I repeated up to last long, when I understood that appropriate shoes, good posture while running and good technique are paramount to run injury free and to enjoy the activity without looking like you a tortures of the Inquisition.

Damping or minimalism: here is the question

When we started to run it is normal that our technique is poor: everybody has to learn from scratch, no one is born knowing. The failure most commonly when we talk about technique of beginners is that career We tend to land with the heel instead of the half-foot, and this can result in injury.

All the strength with which we fall on the ground in every Stride, soil returns us it: if landed with the heel, where there is no just cushioning, This force up until our back, causing us pain and, ultimately, some kind of injury.

The ideal is to Learn to land with the Middle foot area, where have natural cushioning. But not everyone bothers to learn the technique: for that cushioned shoes, born to provide cushioning in the heel area that help cushion that strength that we exert on the ground and the soil returns to us.

Damping and technique of race for beginners classes

Cushioning shoes: Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 (120 euros), New Balance Fresh Foam Zante V2 (120 euros), ASICS Gel-Nimbus 18 (180 euros) and Adidas Pure Boost X (119,95 EUR)

If you are beginning to run, especially if you do it on your own, it is a good idea look for a shoe with good cushioning while you learn the correct career technical through various exercises you can do both on the street and at home. In this way you can continue adding kilometers to catch Fund, reducing the risk of injury.

It is important to learn from the beginning the race proper technique and that, moreover, we try catch defects of tread or postural from day one that I left to run. If we do well from the beginning it will be much easier to improve in other aspects such as the speed or Cadence of the stride.

When to go to minimalism?

Minimalist shoe: Merrell Vapor Glove 2 (EUR 79,95), Neo L VivoBarefoot (54.90 euros) and Huaraches Terra (67,95 EUR)

We can’t run correctly with cushioned shoes, clear, but there are many people (more and more) who are interested in minimalism. To run barefoot or with shoes that offer us sensation brings with it many benefits: the musculature of the foot is more work, it is the most natural way to do it also in terms of posture (which changes if we or not damping), we get more information through the organs proprioceptive placed on soles of the feet…

If we want to go to the minimalism, the first thing we should realise is that We need to have a very good technique for career, and that we will have to adapt to this new activity. It is usually necessary to specifically work the muscles of feet and legs to then try to run barefoot or minimalist shoes very slowly: start walking barefoot or minimalist shoes a few minutes the first day then go over some time, will suffice.