Reebok Must Return The Money Because Their Shoes Not to Tone Buttocks

Many know the famous running shoes that help to tone the buttocks using only use them for walking, it’s the Reebok EasyTone that now cost the manufacturer of footwear a large sum of money, since the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of United States has sentenced to Reebok that must return the money because their shoes don’t tone buttocks.

Reebok It agreed with the FTC to pay 25 million dollars by way of refunds for buyers of its models of EasyTone and RunTone shoes because he has advertised with false claims the benefit of its use. Although Reebok remains at odds with the Commission’s arguments, it will pay the sum before such in order to avoid an endless legal battle.

The FTC took measures before these after repeated complaints from its users and therefore, the money will be available to consumers either directly through a class-action lawsuit approved by Justice or the FTC.

With this demand the FTC wants to advertising exercise responsibility at the time of making statements on health and that these are always supported in science, something that we thought was the case in the case of the slippers Reebok but that apparently did not happen because their ads do not have valid grounds according to the applicant entity.

In short, what must rescue this is perhaps the wrong magic idea that we create a product, when in reality, the footwear, the machine or other device, can be effective if we use it properly and do something, does not wear a shoes and sit or walk a few meters we will invigorate our thighs and buttocks.

Companies take advantage of this idealization that we tend to make consumers the moment to see one advertising of a product and therefore, we must look critically before you buy anything, without seeking magical solutions or miraculous effects on us, who may never become present despite cost us a lot of money.