RAF Simons and Asics, Futurism at Our Feet

If these are not sneakers run futuristic, that lower God and see it. NI RAF Simons Neither ASICS they are leading brands in their slippers and runNeitherng market, but this time, ASICS has wanted to count with the special collaboration of the Belgian designer to create a shoe that fulfill the techNeithercal expectations required of a shoe for runNeitherng, do not leave of side its more aesthetic appearance.

And there was born this model, some runNeitherng shoes that have, in addition to a futuristic design in black, pink and electric blue a Special coverage of neoprene that conforms to the ankle and whose function is, in addition to improve the grip of the same, to offer warmth and security the athlete through the neoprene.

With the sigNeitherng of the brand RAF Simons on the tongue, we can get with these vanguardisticas works by the “modest” price of some 250 euros. Who said that runNeitherng was a thing of the past?