Pretty Shoes Autumn/Winter 2013: Slippers to Wear Daily

With this spring as bad weather, almost that we we can anticipate the trends for next fall. For the flat shoe lovers, the slippers they are one of the more comfortable and also more closed than the dancers. OS djo new proposals of Pretty Ballerinas autumn/winter 2013: Pretty shoes.

Fluo & Camouflage

The mixture of moccasins and dancers succumbs to the charms of the streetstyle and adapts to all the trends. The camouflage print, comes in two versions: Classic, mixed with yellow fluor and what the firm called coordinated with Fuchsia detail. A novelty!
Perfect to wear with jeans or shorts.

Metallic & Pearlescent

One media star of the season are the Metallized leather with special finishes and optical effects. This model is available in gold, silver and Fuchsia.


In gradient, Pretty Ballerinas us proposes models of soft and bright skin, from the toe to the heel, and we see it in shades of blue and plum.

Special dates

For special days and the dates, the firm launches a collection on Black Suede decorated with special details, some of them carved with crystals of Swarovski.

Suede tassels in earth tones

Inspired by the authentic British rural but stylized designs for contemporary urban life, notable for its soft before in earth tones with special borlones that invite you to enjoy the autumn scenery.

Snake & Lizard

Snake or lizard? What is your favorite skin? Always in neutral tones such as Brown and beige to match the colors of winter, easy to combine with any denim look.


The creaciones seem ideal for halftime of stamped pasley. Special prints in upholstery or sequined Eastern inspiration and vintage air. Does not lack that touch lady.

Tyrolean Plume

In the purest style Flapper, feathers become one of the decorations star of the season. Don’t tell me that they are not ideal?