Pretty Loafers, The Necessary Slippers to The Stalwarts of Flat Shoes

The slippers they have become a key footwear of our outfits, especially for the stalwarts of flat shoes. We already move in the winter of Pretty shoes, that shows us a preview of his collection of winter with new bets, colours and patterns. But the great revolution of the brand for next winter are the male proposals in version oxford shoes.


Patterned tartan is one of the trends of the coming winter and the firm has reinvented it on a new shoe last, more masculine but sharp. A design of toothed sole which combines various materials: patent leather and the Scottish fabric.


Pretty shoes It has taken note of the comfort provided by a sneaker and the masculine look of the designs with laces oxford style. That is why he has invented a new model called Snoxford, which combines both trends, and that you can wear for every day if you are a lover of this style. Proposals that include combinations of lace in red and electric blue to match the sole.


If you like the rocker look, highlights this new design of updated creepers. Sharp tip, buckle and thick toothed sole are the main features of a model with its own patent in several color options available.

And reach the slippers, the classic of the signature, the always, the more feminine… and fundamental for the flat shoe lovers. Designs of square tip and also of sharp tip, in keeping with the trends and very flattering because they lengthen the leg, perfect for the endless days of work.

We find designs rockers adorned with studs, flirty proposals of suede with details of ties, classic combinations in black and white, and to the metallic brighter for party nights.