Sunbathing and swimming in Porec

Porec, the Croatian pearl of Istria, is not just a holiday destination for the sun worshiper. There are also all kinds of activities and sights. The old medieval town is certainly not large but has areas to explore that do not go off for picks. The relatively low prices also mean that Porec and Croatia in general, have become a sought-after tourist destination for people of all ages and social classes. Read on and here are tips on 5 highlights before approaching the journey home again.

Get to know Porec from the sea with a kayak trip at sunset

Who said you can only see a city on foot or from a hop on / hop off bus? In Porec there are tours where you can rent a kayak and paddle out into the water and see the enriching medieval gem from a different view. Paddle around the small islands and back again, let the sunset and the sea breeze cool the skin and glimpse the small buildings in the city change color as the evening reveals itself.

Porec's 5 highlights

See the city wall rise, look at Zelena Laguna some distance away and notice the monastery – and the temple ruins rise when you paddle back. Is there anything more romantic?

Stroll in the old town

Despite the fact that Porec is a fully fledged charter resort, care has been taken to preserve the old parts. In the old town you can see the famous basilica that has been the subject of a lot of TV recordings as well as the old Roman houses that date back a long time. The old town is a convivial mix of old and new, although the old wins in the end and shopping and restaurants abound, one place more unique than the other.

Enter the Jama Baredine Cave

About 6.5 km from the center of Porec is the Jama Baredine Cave. This is one of the most famous places in all of Croatia. Stalactites and stalagmites from floor to ceiling, strange animals in the water and an atmosphere that is both eerie and interesting. Jama Baredine first opened its gates to the public in 1995 and a tour here takes about 40 minutes to go through the 300 meter long cave which is 60 meters underground. A guaranteed adventure for all brave souls.

Go to Lim-fjorden and look for oysters

South of Porec near Rovinj and Vrsar, the Limfjord, which is home to all kinds of fish and sea animals such as oysters, winds. Here you can both accompany in company on a boat as well as rent a kayak and paddle a bit. Lim-fjorden also has some hidden caves and lagoons where you can least imagine it.

The name has been given to the fjord as Lim refers to “limit” or border and that is exactly what it does, or did if you are to be correct – the fjord used to be bordered by two different Roman provinces. It is about 10 km long (35 km if you count the whole valley) and a real paradise for nature lovers.

Shop for truffles, cheese and lavender on Decumanus Street

Croatia has a lot of truffles, that distinguished mushroom that is sniffed out by trained dogs and that costs a fortune. These can be a wonderful purchase together with some good, locally produced cheeses at one of Porec’s cozy shops on the main shopping street Decumanus in the center. Also take the opportunity to buy high-quality lavender and olive oil – some products typical of Croatia.

Sunbathing and swimming in Porec

Sunbathing and swimming in Porec

According to mysteryaround, there are many beautiful seaside resorts in Croatia and one of these is Porec. The crystal clear water and the relatively calm surroundings, make sunbathing and swimming a main occupation during the holidays here. Porec is also considered the country’s greenest holiday resort, which means that outdoor life and sunbathing go hand in hand. It is also a cute medieval town that gives visitors the feeling of coming back to times gone by.

Here is a compilation of the best places for sunbathing and swimming if you have the roads past Porec as well as some other information.

Best parts for sunbathing

First of all, it can be good to know approximately where in Porec you should go if you want to swim and sunbathe. Of course you can sit a little anywhere and enjoy the sun, but of course it is the beach that attracts the most. In the northern and southern parts of Porec you will find the beaches where people usually go. In the south, the bathing bays are usually obvious alternatives for families with children and those who are looking for really awesome bathing places can stop on the island of Sveti Nikola where snorkeling, diving and other water sports are perfect activities.

In Croatia and also around Porec, they have received awards for having very clean and clear water. If you see the EU’s Blue Flag, you know that it is green to swim (or blue to be a little playful).

Beach types

Keep in mind that most beaches in Croatia and Porec are pebble beaches or cliffs, making snorkeling a common activity, while toddlers may lack sand. In some places there are also small terraces with bathing ladders for those who prefer it. The beaches are often quite small but many and there are also a lot of campsites if you want to take advantage of beach by beach by going around.

Get to the beaches

Getting to the various bathing spots around Porec is not difficult. Partly you can walk on foot because the city is small and partly there are small mini-trains that take you around, among other things. one to Plava Laguna where Delfin Beach is located. Within 30 minutes you have arrived with the little tough train and once there, jet skis and volleyball and several music bars are waiting to hang out when the sun goes down.

Other water activities

Meanwhile in Porec, you probably want to try a lot of water activities or the like. Sailing and renting a kayak is very common here and is also recommended as there are small, genuine islands in the water. Snorkeling and diving are also popular activities, thanks to the many cliffs that have become home to all kinds of animal and plant species below the water surface.

If you want to get away from the beaches for a while but still cool off or have fun, Aquacolors is one of the largest water parks in all of Croatia. With a variety of fun facilities and activities, Aquacolors has become a haven for both children and adults as well as young people in groups who have not yet lost their children’s minds and want to spend a full day here. Those who own Aquacolors usually say that the park is for everyone between 0-100 so it is really aimed at everyone.

The water park is located near the tourist destination Zelena Laguna near Porec and opened in May 2015.