Patricia Rosales Spring/Summer 2012: The Patricians at Your Feet

For the more fashionistas and whimsical shoes, Patricia Rosales needs no introduction. Its famous patricians It has nothing to envy to the classic manolos or Jimmy Choo to the louboutin. These models are true works of art for exquisite feet.

Each shoe of Patricia Rosales It is made by hand. More craft impossible! and over there is another model of the same. You can never match someone who carry the same design as your. Each pair is unique.

Luxury and sophistication in your feet. Each piece is carved in luxurious materials: napado crocodile, eel, Python, galluchat, feathers, mink with satin, suede, patent leather … all topped with details of precious stones: Blue sapphires, Black diamonds, emeralds and cultured pearls. The result are shoes jewelry.

The pastel colours We can also find them in the collection Spring/summer 2012. Nudes, pink, green water … all heels of vertigo, high platforms and many jewels details.

One is the hallmark of the almerian Designer, based in Elda (Alicante) Pearl in the bend area of the heel.

When to take them? In a special event, are shoes so full of glamour that you have to choose the right place to show.

That you like to shine, are already a classic in every one of his collections halls carved in Swarovsky crystals.

Also niche there for the dancers more chic & #8230;

… or to the most avant-garde heels.

And for the most stylish sandals. The world of patricians is infinite.