Silver Shoes Looking for Its Place in Our Closet

They are capable of give you a 360-degree turn to look making it more sophisticated or more Galactic depending on the model you choose. They are the shoes silver and it seems that they have come to stay in our closet, at least this spring-summer 2011 / 2012.

Low-Cost and Spanish Sandals for Spring/Summer 2012

Lottusse After taking a look at the eleven trends in Sandals for this spring/summer 2012 rather resented the Pocket and the desire to make a model of the same fashion is inevitable. With the intention to broaden the scope to more economic possibilities today have a similar selection only with different Spanish brands of shoes • Read More »

Sandals from The Spring-Summer 2012, Eleven Trends

After the tips Patricia Jorge gave us about fashion shoes we continue our special with the Press and fashion sandals for this spring/summer 2012. There are so many trends we want to imagine. Among them I’ll take some of that most stand out and which will succeed more in the street.

The Dancers of Snow White by Pretty Ballerinas

Snow White is fashionable. Yesterday was released snow white (Mirror, Mirror) the more childlike version starring Julia Roberts and Lily Collins. Within a few months time will be for the more adult and dark version: snow white and the legend of the Hunter, with Charlize Theron and Kristen Stweart heading the cast. And on the • Read More »

Wedding Shoes: Do Traditional or Daring?

Comes the season of weddings and one of the details that most difficult choice are the Bridal Shoes. Never know what to choose, whether with platform by comfortable, if with more heel so you estilicen or simple because how does not look …. This last, a big mistake, yes they are … .and on that • Read More »

This Season, I Planted in The Flat Shoe

I’m going to do as Christine Centenera (Publisher’s) Harper’s Bazaar Australia): Park high heels and seduced me by flat footwear. At least until September/October. I don’t feel that my poor feet suffer during the summer season. And in my search I have found all these alternatives to look very stylish flat shoe during the Spring/summer • Read More »

Say Hello to The Flatforms

Sure that you remember the creepers that Miuccia Prada presented in the spring-summer 2011 collection. Well, it seems that this summer we will receive to his distant cousin: the flatforms. Were already hesitantly watching the season last and it is nothing more than a similar to the aforementioned creepers shoes but that not only focuses • Read More »

Geox Spring/Summer 2012: Radical Change of Style

Radical change. We could thus define new proposals Spring/summer 2012 of Geox. The firm, which is characterized by its comfortable and different sports, want to rise to the occasion in the complicated market of footwear and opted for the heels, how? with sophisticated sandals.

Rebeca Sanver Spring/Summer 2012: a Collection Very Cosmopolitan!

Rebeca Sanver It is a signature of shoes that I have special longing. The content of this post I tell you the reason. At the moment, I advance that its collection Spring/summer 2012 It is bold, feminine and very sophisticated, but cosmopolitan.

The Romantic San Valentin Pretty Ballerinas

Pretty Ballerinas It is one of the firms that loves the Valentine’s day. Therefore, this day that for many is simply commercial and for other special, the signing of dancers has crafted a model very flirty and romantic.

Paco Gil Spring/Summer 2012: Do Feet Bicolor or Tricolor?

Under the name Mediterranean breeze, this collection Spring/summer 2012 of Paco Gil He announces the arrival of summer surrounded by a halo of innovation in terms of shoe lasts, cuts and colors, these version bicolor and tricolor. What do you prefer to dress up your feet?

Three Trends in the Business Lounge of the Minas Trend

The Minas Trend is, without doubt, the main business lounge sets from Brazil. The event, held in Belo Horizonte, bringing together more than 200 brands from different segments, presenting their novelties to retailers–national and international–and the press. The MW is also a great thermometer to understand key trends and make our bets than really promises to win the streets next season. • Read More »

Ursula Mascaro Spring/Summer 2012: Do Play Ludo?

After seeing an advance, Ursula Mascaro presents the complete collection Spring/summer 2012, of forties-inspired and where live classics updated with new trends in pop. Peep-toe and stiletto heel coexist with designs more disconcerting as oxford of male-inspired designs, medium heel sandals and platforms XXL.

The Most Eye-Catching Shoes This Winter: a Model for Every Type of Woman

For which you feel predilection for footwear, as in my case, I wanted to make this post with a selection of designs that have seemed most striking this winter. There are high-end shoes such as a Christian Louboutin or a Patricia Rosales from average price signed by Paco Gil.

Forward Jaime & Ursula Mascaro Spring/Summer 2012: Explosion of Color

Mascaro I am always surprised by their colorful designs, and next season continues with his usual explosion of color, that has not changed. And not the forms. The success of the collection of last summer has made models of the same cut and style but with new features would you like to see them?

Lodi Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012: Calzada to Wear Daily

Lodi We are delighted with comfortable shoes without losing one iota of style in your collection Autumn/winter 2011 / 2012. Models created for a smart woman who does not renounce to the heels and who takes care of her look on a daily basis.