The Awesome Power of Accessories – Corello

Do you think it’s impossible to change a look only with accessories? In the program we will match I had to make do with five pieces of clothing for ten days and may only change the accessories. That’s why I say that Yes, you can!

Gladiators Come with Everything in the Summer

Is this summer prepare to tie, literally! What promises to be a hit in Brazil in the coming season are the Gladiators. That’s right. All it took was a parade of Celine to everyone want the pair in your closet. The model that remembers the Sandals of Greek soldiers arrives with a more current form, super combines with the • Read More »

The Beach Bh

Every miner agrees: the only thing missing to Belo Horizonte be the perfect city is a beach, right? We love to put one foot in the sand, enjoying a great view and enjoy the Beach vibe. And, unfortunately, the beach closest to the people is more than 400 km away. But, there are people who worked hard • Read More »

How to Be Stylish without Wearing Jumps

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a fan of short shoes. Since I started working with fashion, despite the idea of glamour that we must have to go always in high heels who works even knows the rush that is, and let’s be honest: a jump is not always practical. Some people believe that when production • Read More »

The Negative Effects of Wearing Stilettos

An Expert In Medical Oncology Says That The Pain That High Heels Cause In The Feet Can Increase The Likelihood Of A Person Developing Cancer During Their Lifetime. Of course it all depends on the size of the jump, but in one thing all women are in agreement: wearing high heels is uncomfortable. Even women who • Read More »

How to Use and Where to Buy Shoes Tratorada?

Look at the summer there! Despite still being in-beautiful-spring, some days already seem to be the hottest season of the year. So all what we want is to combine comfort and coolness, eh? And when it comes to comfort the common right to think on his feet. Tennis, oxford, moccasin and loafer are familiar names of women tuned, although they belong more to • Read More »

The Jumps and the Shoes

For some looks, we usually choose different shoes, after all, some pieces match best with Anabela jumpsuit, other platform heels, some with smaller sandals and so on… But how to define which is the best production for each type of jump? The answer is simple, just know and understand more what each jump adds to our looks.

Some Essential Tips to Wear Jumps

The Consultant Namie Wihby, Who Teaches Celebrities Walking In High Heels, Will Be In Curitiba In June To Teach A Workshop In Partnership With The Forum Models To get on the jump, you have to balance. And the maximum is a wide subject matter expert analysis Namie Wihby, who will be in Curitiba in June to • Read More »

Some Tricks to Make High Heels More Comfortable

The Designer Marissa Webb Shares His Top Secrets To Walk On Heels Without Pain If you have a question that every woman search for answer is: how to use high heels without the shoe “murder” our feet?Expert in these matters, the designer Marissa Webb told the site Who What Wear little secrets that every professional has up his sleeve.

How to Reduce the Effects of Excessive High-heeled Use

Learn How To Minimize The Damage Caused By Frequent High-Heeled Use Many of us have to wear high heels during several moments of life and there are still those who have to wear high heels every day, including to work. However, this excess use of high heels ends up causing some discomfort to the body and may end up causing • Read More »

Pretty Ballerinas with The Olympics: Dancers Sports

Pretty Ballerinas It is always on special occasions. And this summer, as many firms, wants to be part of one of the events of the year: the London Olympics. Therefore, the firm specializing in dancers, has created a special collection inspired and dedicated to the sport where has combined design, innovation and the latest technologies • Read More »

Stuart Weitzman Spring/Summer 2012: Hollywood Toes

Talk about Stuart Weitzman It is talk about Sandals much more than spectacular. It is the Shoemaker of stars, perhaps because as he said, its objective is to develop a nice leg in a fabulous leg. And the collection Stuart Weitzman spring/summer 2012 It is simply that, fabulous.

Passion for Shoes? Welcome to White

I must confess that until last year never had bought any shoe firm white, but there is always a first time … and wasn’t painful. For money OK, thanks to this relationship I brand new models every season. For this Spring/summer 2012 the signature low-cost shows us a thousand models so that we can find • Read More »

Love Is Not Only an Obsession: Shoes Acne (Really That like?)

What horror! And it is there fashion do not understand them or even put all the effort in the world. Sometimes the tastes of the bloggers spend the limits of aesthetics and it seems to bring a garment simply by the firm that designed them or be different from others. That or not understand it • Read More »

Castaner Spring/Summer 2012: Esparto Also Are of Luxury Shoes

Castaner celebrates this Spring/summer 2012 with a cheerful, bright and varied collection: more than one hundred of creations that illuminate the steps of the new summer season. It is luxury in espadrilles or esparto shoes.

Patricia Rosales Spring/Summer 2012: The Patricians at Your Feet

For the more fashionistas and whimsical shoes, Patricia Rosales needs no introduction. Its famous patricians It has nothing to envy to the classic manolos or Jimmy Choo to the louboutin. These models are true works of art for exquisite feet.

Catalogue Spring/Summer 2012 Couplet: a Season between Ibiza and Goa

A new catalogue spring/summer 2012 of Cuple to see other proposals within the national market of brands. To the address Toni Shepherd Since 1987 it aims boost Cuple among firms of shoes with an affordable price and a variety of designs with the latest trends as most brands.

Pura Lopez Spring/Summer 2012: Climb to The Heights

Feminine, sophisticated and irresistible, so is the collection Spring/summer 2012 Pura Lopez, one of the most desired by many women. Brown colors and pastels they dominate a collection, whose protagonists are the high heels in its different versions. Take a stroll through its different lines?

Mustang Spring/Summer 2012: a Ride for Best Times of Fashion

Munstang you want to celebrate the arrival of summer with your collection Spring/summer 2012, touring the best moments in the history of fashion, through modern designs and very wearable for look in our day to day.

The Hunter Also Are for The Summer, Now in Version Dancer

Good weather is here and this year does not need rain to get the Hunter, Since the British firm, which has marked trend with its famous water boots, has created a model in ballerina version so you look for this summer season. Renew or die.