The History of High Heels

Although one does not know exactly who created the high heel, it is possible to find a primitive version in the murals of ancient Egypt dating to 3500 BC, and footwear used only by the upper classes.

The Eyelash Extension Wire to Wire

Every day new techniques and procedures that promise to make women even more beautiful and young. Micropigmentação wire wire eyebrows, fills, botox and so on. And this constant search for a lighter, a striking look and the satisfaction, there emerged a new technique to doll eyelashes. We’re not talking about the old “Eyelash lengthening” that often hinder their • Read More »

The Women’s Paradise

Always depended on here about my attachment to virtual stores. I confess I got a lot more on the addresses gringos, but fortunately it seems that here in Brazil this new way to buy comes evolving a lot lately.

How the Shoes Are Made in the Bally

The Bally is a Swiss company that began producing women’s shoes in the second half of the 19th century. Today, as part of Labelux, owner of other luxury brands such as Jimmy Choo and Belstaff, became a benchmark in quality and design of footwear worldwide, and also have an extremely sophisticated clothing line and reputable.

Learn to Walking in High Heels

Learn How To Do Beautiful Parading Around Without Falling From The Jump Some women face the high heels in a good way, while others find that keeping their balance a few inches longer is an almost impossible task. Every woman is able to walk and do beautiful without falling from the jump, just have a • Read More »

Miu Miu Shoes

With Some Crystals, You Leave The Shoes Beautiful And New Face The shoes are a true passion of women and certainly make the difference in the look. Different materials and textures, shine, colors and other details are key for women who like to be fashionable. And among the most wanted shoes are the Italian brand Miu Miu, • Read More »

Jump with Socks, the Favorite Fashion in Japan

They Do Not Leave The High Heels And, To Ease The Little Feet, They Have Adopted The Fashion Of The Heel With Sock! Every woman loves a jump, but in Japan, girls are obsessed: whether at work, at shows or even to go to the supermarket, they never come down from the jump! The consequences of • Read More »

Docksides, Top-sider, Boat Shoes and Deck Shoes

One of the most requested shoes for men this summer has been the boat shoes, but we can also say that the top-siders, docksides and deck shoes are also desired by the male audience, not because a multitude of nautical footwear models have taken the stores this season, but the truth is that all these names designate the • Read More »

Gifts for Sports Love Fathers

11 August day is coming. And the “father’s day” is the perfect time to dedicate a special time for the one who never spared efforts to see you happy and healthy. And in the package must be added a nice gift, to have his face, right? Thinking of you give a hand to make the right choice, we • Read More »

The Heels

The heels dominated the year of 2008. They imperaram in various scales–Street parties and parades—and will continue into 2009. We had a profusion of templates and not just the hegemony of a platform, or a thin heel anabela The good thing about a good shoe, whatever your shape, is that always gives elegance and a certain charm. There is • Read More »

The Damage that High Heels Can Cause to the Feet

Excessive Use Of Heeled Shoes Over 4 Inches In Height Can Cause Up To 5 Different Types Of Foot Injuries It’s amazing the sense of beauty and power that a high heel gives women. But what is not incredible is the pain that this shoe can cause after a day or a whole night of use. In addition • Read More »

Some Gifts Tips for Your Mom

Is coming one of the most celebrated of the year dates. Where we look only if you mention it and the trade is excited, since economists say that the “mother’s day” is as good as Christmas sales. And with so many campaigns addressing the sentimental side of appreciation and recognition, who arrives empty-handed this Sunday? Not to mention • Read More »

Summer Fashion Footprint

In times past the sneakers were considered only as an option for those looking for comfort, this concept has changed. Currently they have become the object of desire and increasingly present in the female wardrobe. What can be observed in the stands of the Minas Trend Preview are different bets for this type of footwear. Animal print, • Read More »

Animal Print in Summer

Formerly the animal prints were used only for the most daring. Today this situation has changed. It’s hard to find a woman who does not have any piece of clothing or accessory on this proposal, by more discreet it is. Jaguar, zebra, giraffe or snake. The truth is that the sets loves Safari!

Three Pieces of News about Juliana Paes

Juliana Paes represents a new phase of brazilian television, where “mature women” desbancam “brand new”. The brunette without doubt are in your best phase, be professional, physics (that body) or personal. She, who played a super powerful woman in your last role on TV, also bet on your entrepreneurial vein. Has released the name your perfume and • Read More »

Some Gifts Tips for a Romantic Girlfriend

The “Valentine’s day” is that date that always makes something special and creative to surprise his girlfriend. And dating is too good, eh? And if you already found the half of your Orange, nothing hotter than turn himself in to the atmosphere of romance and prepare something nice, full of love and cuteness.

The Ffwshop

Who goes through the biennial’s Ibirapuera, in addition to giving the parades, the lounges and lots of interesting people–whether by look sin spiring or bizarre productions–can also make a pit stop at traditional FFWSHOP. This is a pop up store with a super special curatorship. The goal is to present the talent of designers from different parts of Brazil. Namely: is the opportunity • Read More »

Some of the Top Flats for Summer

There is no question the relationship of love between women and shoes. There’s no bad time to add a new pair to the closet, huh? And as we at time of settlement, this scenario becomes even more attractive. Spent Christmas and the new year, but we’re still at the height of summer and already eyeing the Carnival. And • Read More »

The Vr in Winter

We say that the male dress is without complications. Maybe this is a fact because we women always “invented” details in addition to the clothing itself. Man really is easier. Looks are usually composed of three pieces: shirt, pants/shorts and shoes. But it’s not about the number of parts that determine if a person is well dressed and, Yes, by • Read More »

The Fishnet Stockings

Irreverence. Attitude. Identity. These are words read and heard often when it comes to fashion. We’re in a moment where the quest for individuality has been observed in a constant effervescence. Opinion leaders note that it is important to reveal to the general public the coolest fashion: she’s a free territory. We see many of those rules and taboos fall • Read More »