Nike Studio Wrap: Shoes for Pilates and Yoga, Now with New Design

A few months ago Nike released its new shoes for Pilates and Yoga in the pack Nike Studio Wrap. Now redesign them giving them a touch of colour to this spring.

Design and functionality come together in this great footwear piece composed by three modules or parts that can be used together or separately. Look at how the footwear to modular.

The pack Nike Studio Wrap includes the classical dancer in flexible fabric and sole that allows us to walk down the street, a kind of sandal which leaves bare fingers and that adapts perfectly to the foot with slip-resistant soles, and bands make the loops where you want holding extra.

To create this innovative Footwear Nike technicians have relied on training of ballet with bar, where they are needed flexible but strong materials to exercise and protect the feet.

Personally, look me amazing: I usually practice barefoot Pilates, and slide yourself onto the mat is a problem to perform certain movements and exercises. I will say that non-slip socks are also an option, but in a matter of quality, I’ll stick with these shoes from Nike, I think that they provide much more.

Its price in the Nike Store is of €125 the pack: they are not cheap, but for running shoes can cost that or even more. You can take it as an investment, or take it into account for some special gift.

Pilateros and Yogis, what do you think?