Nike Air Jordan 2009, The Return of a Myth

To lift the hand that has not wanted to have in its infancy such mythical Air Jordan Black with the logo of Michael Jordan entering basket in red color. I admit, I’ve always wanted to have them but its price at that time was somewhat prohibitive for a guy of my age, I remember it was about the ten thousand pesetas from those.

It seems that now Nike you want to take advantage of the mythical line, renewing it in some cases with new more sophisticated models, and also other models going back to the now famous retro style. In both cases the image of Michael Jordan as the visible head of the brand is more than patetente.

To be honest, the Air Jordan line has been there every year, but the truth that have been stagnating with the passing of the years, reissuing old slippers without offering anything new and happening with more grief than glory. It seems that this year tries to offer something more with this line Air Jordan 2009, but there are also some other appalling design that is not saved from burning.

On the one hand we have the so-called True Flight, one of the most charismatic versions of the Air Jordan’s high boot, and a highly-basketball style that have various colors.

If we are looking for another style, the line Air Jordan 2009 It offers an interesting alternative. It is the case of the also legendary Air Jordan 1, the model of boots that Michael Jordan wore when he jumped to the fame and that we will have in various colors, as in the cover image and this image we have.

Also find me curious this model of sneakers. Rescuing the retro-style in sports shoes, that so many hits it has given to Converse, model tries to Nike with these Air Jordan Phly Legend.

As you can see, shoes for everyone. Even so, an icon as Jude Law has already declared fan of this shoe and also of the Terminator, that you talk about in your day.

By the way, prices range from 110 euros of True Flight, up to 80 euros that are worth the Air Jordan 1.


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Lacoste Limited Edition