Nails Black, a Disorder That Brings The Head to Many Runners

Among the people who practice race usually occurs the evil known as Black nails. As its name suggests it is a color of the nails of the feet that is black and can eventually cause many discomforts and even fall. It is important that we know why it occurs and the best way to avoid it.

This condition usually occurs because of the chosen for running shoes. It normally takes place when this is too short, so that fingernails rubbing with the shoe and remaining oppressed eventually become black because of the blood that remains stagnant under the nails because of this friction and the pressure against the shoe. Many runners suffer from this disorder and are often accompanied by discomfort and pain in the affected area.

Black nails occur when we carry out a repetitive motion of rubbing against the shoe nails. It mostly occurs in runners who perform many descents in slope with the too-small shoes. The problem is when nails will start to get black from the base. At this time we must go to a specialist, since nails are at risk of falling.

To put an end to this problem, we must go to the podiatrist who will be which will end up eliminating the blood coagulated under fingernails and that gives us a series of aches and pains that can result in the loss of the nail completely. To prevent this must drain the nail and remove blood deposited below by the Leaky nail out all the blood that has accumulated under this and facilitate your healing as well.

You must be careful when doing this practice, it is important for a specialist, to carry it out since the feet are a delicate part of the body by sweating that is in them. This is what makes that it can infect the part intervened. To avoid this we must maintain a proper hygiene in the entire area through continuous cleaning of the open wound. We must have a proper hygiene and disinfect it regularly throughout the day to so accelerate the healing process.

But this problem can be avoided if we take some steps regarding how to keep one proper hygiene in the feet. Change socks daily, or even several times a day. Know how to choose footwear appropriate for the activity we will do, in this case the race, because they must be comfortable slippers, which does not oppress us and enabling us to act freely. The shape of cut our nails has much to do, and we must not stop them too long, because they could dig into the meat to be oppressed and so promote your infection.


Rockefeller’s Cleveland FBI agent, brought to Pittsburgh

Rockefeller's Cleveland FBI agent, brought to Pittsburgh


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