Mustang Spring/Summer 2012: a Ride for Best Times of Fashion

Munstang you want to celebrate the arrival of summer with your collection Spring/summer 2012, touring the best moments in the history of fashion, through modern designs and very wearable for look in our day to day.

The Oxford of the years 30′

The nod to the ambiguity of the years 30´ We see it in the Oxford, perfect to add to your looks, a nod to the dismissal to the Grand Gatsby style. Models carved in soft leather combined with vintage like the hazelnut tones.

Style Lolita 50’s ‘

As if it were a movie, again full of sensuality innocence in flirty designs and looking innocent through the stamped naive, very typical of the 50′. Peep-toes and wedges stamped with polka dots of colors and flowers liberty, that give you high enough for all the sexy and sassy fancy.

Heels rise: are age 70′

Tall not will be missing you with models most extreme summer. Maxi heels on wood or raffia, that are as spectacular as comfortable thanks to the platforms that you compensate for them.

Retro style in models of seventies air, where tacking clogs and sandals, combined in denim and leather, will be the object of desire of the season.

The line of peep – toes block colour, that it give you the opportunity to combine trend, daring and height, but without renouncing comfort. As if they were a bag of jelly beans, you have a lot of combinations to choose from.

The minimalist cool of the 90s

Extra flat and extra simple sandals in models carved in leather. Models that you may join at all hours, since they are the ideal complement for looks relaxed during the best months of the year.