Monaco Population and Language

Monaco has more than 38,000 residents. Because the country is so small – the entire area consists of urban development – population density is the highest among the countries of the world, almost 20,000 per square kilometer.

Monaco Population Forecast

Only one fifth of the population consists of native monegasks. Of the other residents, the French are the most followed by Italians and British. The remainder comes mainly from other European countries. For many affluent foreigners, obtaining a residence permit in Monaco is a coveted goal because residents do not pay income tax. Many also apply to the Principality to work in the financial sector.

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French is the official language. The Monegasks also speak a Provencal-Ligurian mixed language, Monegasque.

Monaco Population and Language



French 28.4%, monegasks 21.6%, Italians 18.7%, Brits 7.5%, others 23.8% (Census 2008)

Number of residents

38 695 (2017)

Number of residents per square kilometer

19 348 (2017)

Percentage of residents in the cities

100.0 percent (2017)

Nativity / birth

7.8 per 1000 residents (2016)

Mortality / mortality

7.9 per 1000 residents (2016)


0.5 percent (2017)


French is the official language 1

  1. Monegasque is the national language