Memo to a Tourist in Italy

Issued one day before departure at the company’s office
after 17-00.
Check your air ticket carefully. The ticket indicates the local departure time of the aircraft.
Flight check-in starts 2 hours 30 minutes before the departure time.
The travel company is not responsible for the cancellation, delay or change of your flight.
Please do not leave luggage and personal belongings unattended (our company is not responsible for their loss).

FLIGHT: FLIGHT TIME Moscow-Rimini, Moscow-Venice, Moscow-Milan, Moscow-Rome – about 4 hours. During the flight you will be offered drinks, hot meals (1 time during the flight), duty-free goods.
MEDICAL INSURANCE: By booking a tour, you become the owner of an insurance policy.
Be sure to read the instructions in your policy and follow them if necessary.
Passport valid for at least 6 months
Travel voucher (Voucher)
Air ticket
Insurance policy
If a child under 18 travels with one of the parents, permission from the other must be certified by a notary. Photographs of children aged 5 years and older must be pasted into the parent’s passport.
Certificate from the bank for the export of currency (If more than 10,000 US dollars per person are exported)
Time: minus 3 hours from Moscow time.

Export of currency: presentation of a customs declaration when leaving the Russian Federation is not required if the amount of cash does not exceed $10,000.
To board the flight, you must go through customs inspection, for which you must fill out a customs declaration (if the amount of cash exceeds $ 10,000). When filling out the declaration, do not forget to indicate the entire amount of foreign currency that you took with you; for the export of more than $ 10,000, you need a bank statement (valid for 1 year), or an entry customs declaration (valid for no more than 1 year) with the appropriate customs marks.
The certificate is handed over at the customs control. Keep the customs declaration until your return to Russia.
The duty-free import rules are as follows:
duty-free import of 200 cigarettes, 1 liter of spirits, 50 g of perfume, up to 0.25 liters of cologne is allowed.
At the airport of your destination, you must go through passport control. Then you get your luggage (if you checked it in). When you leave the airport in the waiting room you will be met by a representative of the host country with a sign. You will be given the number of the bus to the hotel. If you have ordered an individual transfer, you will be shown a car and provided with all the information about the time of meeting with the guide, his name and phone number.
Please do not leave luggage and personal belongings unattended (our company is not responsible for their loss). During a group transfer from the airport to the hotel, the guide will answer your questions.
At the appointed time, be in the hotel lobby with your luggage.
Please check:
Have you handed over the key to your room to the administrator;
Have you taken your passport, ticket and all your valuables;
Have you paid your bills for additional services (telephone calls, mini-bar, ordering food and drinks in the room, etc.) When paying for additional services (use of the mini-bar and telephone in the room), ask for bills and do not throw them away before leaving the hotel. This will save you from unnecessary hassle when leaving the hotel.

Check-out time in hotels at 12.00 noon.
This means that if you have not ordered a “late check-out” (late check-out) from us, then the time you paid for staying in the room ends at 12.00 noon, but you yourself can extend your stay in the room for an additional fee.
4-5* hotels usually have safes in the rooms. If there is no safe in the room, we recommend storing money, jewelry and passports at the reception. If you lose your key, you will have to pay a fine. The administration is not responsible for the valuables left in the room.

According to, all cities in Italy are connected by a network of buses and railways, in Rome, Milan and Naples you can also use the subway. Travel on ground transport is paid for by tickets, which are sold only at metro ticket offices or newsstands.
Trains and buses are convenient for getting around, especially the Pendolino super-fast trains. A car can be rented with a credit card, and in places of mass recreation – and on the security of cash. Prices – European. It is more convenient and cheaper to arrange a lease in Moscow. “Catching” a taxi on the street is quite difficult. It is better to go to a special parking lot or call a car by phone from a hotel, bar, shop.

Passport and travel documents should preferably be kept separately from money; if they are lost, the costs associated with obtaining duplicates are paid independently.
ATTENTION: danger for tourists is represented by pickpockets and hooligans on motorcycles, especially in southern cities.

Memo to a Tourist in Italy