Maybe It Will Be That I like The New Collection of Chiara Ferragni Slippers…

I never thought I would say this but … well, gives me a bit of shame Thus I flogged it as a band-aid lug if it were. Fast and concise and, thus, less painless. I like the new collection of shoes of Chiara Ferragni. Wing, is already, as I released it. And don’t judge me! That does not want to say that I the go to buy (I don’t know where I could find them), or pay the price to make it a bit richer (I have better things to do). But the fact is that they are cool streams, ole you.

Yesterday presented it in its inner circle Milan cool people, and so we saw it in their has Instagram. And it is there where I saw them. Us We look in the eyes (never better said), I winked and I fell surrendered to his feet. Guys, I’ve fallen in love with this model.

The same model is found in Another less striking Edition but just as cool in Midnight blue. In addition if you prefer you can choose between lips painted red with your lips game bar, or the painted nails with its corresponding lacquer.

If there is no clone, there is no collection

But it seems that the best-known Italian blonde around the world does not learn. If last season presented a model of sneakers that were exactly equal to the ones presented by Jimmy Choo, this time inspired by Marc Jacobs and their mice for his collection of dancers. Definitely this If they do not buy it.

What do you think?


| Moda, Tendencias, belleza y lifestyle

| Moda, Tendencias, belleza y lifestyle