Maxi-Lick of Jeremy Scott for Adidas, Autumn/Winter 2009

Surfing here and there I came across this new image of the designs of Jeremy Scott for Adidas. I thought: “ this maxi-language I’ve seen before & #8221;.

In fact saw all in Mensencia, the sport’s three languages overlapping color taxi. I like this new model and much.

It is very original (with a by shoe giant tongue is more than enough) and the combination of basic colors white/black a complete success. And a break from their crazy combinations of shapes and colours.

In this photo above you can see how they are implemented. Don’t go to believe has added magical powers and that they will jump so stylish. What they are an Adidas jumps to the eye. Too much?

We will have to wait for it to release the collection autumn/winter 2009 adidas if they have not done so already.