Luxury Travel in First Class Falls at Your Feet with Virgin America’s New Shoes

If you enjoy of the sophistication of travel in first class but you can not do it often, now the company Virgin America down this luxury of the heights to bring it closer to the ground. How? With the Virgin America First Class Shoe slippers that it has launched the airline. These sports include all the benefits of first class: LED lights, mobile charger, screen video, WIFI and even seat belt.

The company Virgin America has teamed up with the creative agency Eleven to launch a single pair of shoes sole and exclusive in the world. This model so futuristic It can be purchased only in an Ebay auction, ending October 23 and that it has already reached 10.400.000 dollars. The profit will be Soles4Souls partnership, that is responsible for donating shoes to the needy.

With this model, your feet can enjoy all the luxury of first class, including the Italian, material skin making the cabin seats and which shoes have been. Its functioning and autonomy of battery is a 3-hour, enough to watch a movie on the mini screen including. If this were little, your delivery will be made on a container of plexiglass with LED lights included. Already I would like Marty McFly!