Love Is Not Only an Obsession: Shoes Acne (Really That like?)

What horror! And it is there fashion do not understand them or even put all the effort in the world. Sometimes the tastes of the bloggers spend the limits of aesthetics and it seems to bring a garment simply by the firm that designed them or be different from others. That or not understand it the truth. And it is that wherever I look appear the shoes Alice de Acne.

I don’t know if it is the instep or what, but definitely as much as look me them and remire I just do not convince. But to them yes because Carolina Engman of ‘ Fashion Squad ‘ and Chiara Ferragni of ‘ The Blonde Salad ‘ wear them at all times.

You sleep with them

But if there is someone who is really obsessed with this model is the blogger Hedvig Opshaug of ‘ The Northern Light ‘. He wears them all the time!

Jeans, suit pants or Texas skirts. It doesn’t matter as if they are the protagonists (or simply part of the outfit of the day).

Although all her outfits which I like the most is to basis of pink pants and fur jacket.

What do you think?