Learn to Determine The Type of Tread to Know What Kind of Corridor Are

In running it is very important to choose appropriate and consistent with our way of stepping on shoes, and that it is necessary to make the movements so that they are as similar as possible to our natural way of walking. We need to know how to choose the right footwear know the type of runner that we are depending on the tread that we have.

To learn how to run simply will help us with a simple test We will carry out in a short time and that it will help us to improve the results and convenience when practicing career. To do this first of all must be clear runner types that exist, pronator, hiperpronator, supinadores and normal tread.

To perform this test simply serve with us put foot on a straight surface. We must put us barefoot, facing the front and with feet together. In this position, we have that Bend knees three times so we agachemos. In the latest Flex is where we’re going to look at the type of tread which we have by the way in which the legs have aligned themselves.

When we finished performing push-ups knees get stuck or are rubbing lightly is that we are pronator, i.e. when stepping not put completely straight foot, but rather focuses the majority of the force on the inner part of the foot. The hiperpronator they are those people who end up together almost all leg upper area, since it’s a sharper pronation type.

On the other hand, they would be considered to be persons supinadores. This type of runners when it completes three push-ups will remain totally separate and bowed legs. The only point which will collide will be the ankles. That means that your step is with the outer part of the foot.

Finally they will be runners who have normal tread. Such people at the end of the test will be aligned legs, feet parallel and stepping fully into the ground. With these guidelines, we will know the type of tread we have running, something that we will help greatly when it comes to choosing the proper footwear and avoid forcing the joints of the leg, avoiding injury.