Joshua Jackson or How Give Singing on The Red Carpet of Cannes

Within the looks that we are seeing these days on the occasion of the Cannes Film Festival, we’re finding all kinds of combinations, some successful, others the more impossible, and some that pass the thin line of good taste.

There will be who says that the worst thing that can happen in an act of this nature is to go unnoticed, but I believe that Joshua Jackson is it took to the foot of the letter and posed of this cooked next to a gorgeous Diane Kruger that looked sorpredida the footwear of your couple.

The truth that Joshua Jackson, and despite the look shown on yesterday, you can be a man with style, it is usual to see him risk in his public appearances, but always within the limits of good taste.

This time spent of braking and broke that line exaggerated by combining your impeccable Tuxedo with footwear nothing suitable for an event of this nature. Know if it is that your footwear did not arrive on time, or simply wanted to be the focus of attention. If it is the latter, which was of course right.

Both Tuxedo and shoes were of Lanvin. As you can see, shoes are made in suede and possess the patent toe, and have a price that are around 350 euros. Very nice, that’s undeniable, but certainly not to look in a rug red with a tuxedo.