Join The Trend of The Chelsea Boots and Pon Style British at Your Feet!

If you like the British roll, you are a mad of the English capital and more you strip the Union Jack than anything else, you’re in luck, this winter thanks to the Chelsea boots You can feel a little more British and complete your look English – by the way, don’t forget the cup of Starbucks, typical English! (Even an American company)-.

They have a past full of iconic figures like The Beatles, who even gave name to the Chelsea with Cuban heel, the Beatles boots, and they were the hallmark of the mod movement in the 60’s. However, the Chelsea boots have become loaded with versions for all tastes, from the most classical in colours black or camel to the riskier two color models, even with fluorine details!

In addition if you prefer the shoes with heels the Chelsea boots have also added a few centimeter more and Zara is back to make your own, making one of his designs is going crazy to all the blogosphere.

Anyway, I always will be more than the model Alexander Wang Kori, a pity that their price is so prohibitive. And you, you already have yours? Chelsea boots?