Jimmy Choo Launches Capsule Collection Thinking of The Christmas 2012

Who does not have part of his mind already planning on? Christmas? And is that is inevitable, taking in has the dates in which are, not thinking in them, although is of sideswipe. In Jezebel man, like every year, remove several special in this regard, and will not let pass up any proposal with style that is to rise to the occasion.

Today, we present you the new and final special collection Limited Edition Jimmy Choo that view is, it has been designed especially for the holidays. A Mini proposal which consists of five models. We discussed them in detail.

The heavy artillery comes with the evening shoes. An original shoe last pointed with big flecadas tassels to reminiscent of the traditional opera pumps, special footwear tradition used to be with the black tie (with the tuxedo) and which today are almost in disuse, although it is true that many firms have tried to relaunch them. More common, a second model of cutting loaffer, with Suede tongue, Yes that could be a much more commercial option for many men.

The latest model of this block is, without doubt, the most difficult of all, and is that a court shoe fully impregnated with glitter in golden slipper, It is not exactly a model that would be any.

In an addition, surprised with two models of sneakers. The first and more peculiar are buff, and highlighted by a peculiar print halfway between Tiger and Leopard. The truth is that you I do not clearly define the singular embossing. The second model, much more discreet, also elegant, is a sport of skin matte black that surprises by the plot effect skin of crocodile. In any case, you can see and feel, we are as one who says stuffed into Christmas slaughter.