J’ Shoes J’Hayber Back in The Street

Other footwear that returns. If some time ago we talked about the return of Kawasaki shoes, today touches make it with the J’ J’hayber. Pairs that many carried small now are sold at high prices.

It was a time when the market was not so open or had so many proposals to dress. When it appeared the competition, the J’ J’hayber they went to a better life. But I have here that the 80s are still being in force as any already-bygone era, and that the 90s are the powers that in these months.

For the eighties style best are these pairs, large forms, of boot high, sole thick, with several combined colors, to more than four in a pair. Those who yearn for this brand will remember its small holes.

Low boot option is also present, and the brand has been modernized, within his style, for this Spring-Summer 2009 incorporating more current combinations that are sure to delight a few, especially the nostalgic. The price is around the 50 euros.

Still, I’d rather stay with the Yohji Yamamoto for Adidas, not going so the 80s style.