Is Mariano Di Vaio Chiara Ferragni’s Male Sequel? Now Also It Is Lance with The Footwear

Taking advantage of that these days is held the Pitti Uomo in Florence, the Italian blogger Mariano Di Vaio It has officially launched its new collection of shoes men. To date, Di Vaio has already had dared with the design of accessories such as bracelets and rings, but this collection of footwear assumes its final leap from blogger to designer.

And although comparisons are odious, can not avoid to do it…?Mariano Di Vaio is the male version of the also Italian Chiara Ferragni (The Blonde Salad)? The answer seems to be clearly yes. In addition to being friends, Ferragni and Di Vaio are currently considered the most influential fashion bloggers of Italy and, indeed, I would say that they are now also internationally.
A few years ago, in particular in September 2011, Ferragni launched the first collection of his line of shoes, which continues today with great sales success. It is, the less curious, that is Di Vaio now who dares also with footwear. Will it have the same success as her friend? Let’s hope so.

Mariano Di Vaio Collection

So far few photos we can share of the collection designed by Di Vaio. Or his blog, NoHow, where is going to be on sale, they have hung still images, although we always remain social networks and, above all, Instagram. So here are some of the available images.

A photo published by Mariano Di Vaio Collection (@marianodivaiocollection) 17 Jun 2015 to (s) 12:32 PDT

A photo published by Mariano Di Vaio (@marianodivaio) on 16 Jun 2015 (s) 5:04 PDT

As you can, the collection is, in particular, of sneakers with very good looking, the truth. Thick soles and laces, are frankly pretty and white are my favorite, quiet, that also is in more colors and patterns.

A picture published by Miss_B (@eleonorabrunacci) 17 Jun 2015 (s) 10:57 PDT

If you look at the colors, we find different variants. Hot pink, blue worn or Golden they are just some of the possibilities. But eye, there are also differences in it comes to contrast. Some carry the white sole, while other…

A picture published by nairym (@nairym) on 16 Jun 2015 (s) 8:17 PDT

…they have the sole of the same color as the rest of the shoe. Must not forget either of the prints, like flowers, which occupy much of the collection from Di Vaio.

A photo published by My way to be myself (@ciuzzetta) on 16 Jun 2015 (s) 11:01 PDT

Which I don’t like nothing are these tribal print. If for me, it could have been outside the collection. Although I admit that, in general, I like much. Is this the beginning of a great career as a designer of Di Vaio in the purest style Ferragni? Only time will tell what.