Huberd’s Shoe Oil for You to Take Care of Your Boots

I bought the Engineer Boots, John Lofgren. After, I bought a work boot White”s Bounty Huntercustom. The two are at the top in their categories, and the two are very expensive. For the price, I want them to last very long, so I never have to buy more. For this I have used Huberds Shoe Oil, the best product for you to take care of his boot.

Huberd’s Shoe Oil for You to Take Care of Your Boots

If you see the boots as investments, not trends disposable, this is the product for you. It is an oil conditioner and restorer that will protect the leather of his boot for years and years.

How To Choose The Right Product For Your Boot

Products to take care of leather shoes are a messy thing. The recommendations of sellers of shoes and leather articles are inconsistent. They recommend everything that you can imagine. Online stores that sell products to clean leather – like Amazon – are generalists. Advertise all the products available and it is up to you to decide. Yes, almost all of the options have customer testimonials, but are usually based on the experiences of the short-term.

In addition, there are many different opinions on the best type of product to preserve the leather. Most people seem to agree that conditioners containing alcohol, silicone, tallow, animal fats, and petroleum should not be used. This already eliminates a lot of thing on the market. Only that it is not so simple to choose which side is right, just look because…

– First: Many people, including the brands such as Redwing, recommend “mink oil” because it smoothes and softens the leather, but this product has no animal fats. On the other hand, an extensive discussion on Reddit says that the product should be avoided because the animal oil can damage the fibers of the leather and the fat fade with time.

– Second: Even if you resolve to choose the product based on the ingredients, will have difficulties to find out what is in many of these products. An option well famous for the care of leather is Lexol, try to find out exactly what it has in it…

In short. It is very confusing.

Go from Bee’s Wax and Tradition

As there is this uncertainty about the mink oil and other animal fats, I prefer to use products that do not have any of it. One of them is the Huberd’s Shoe Grease, which has beeswax as the main ingredient.

The beeswax, or beeswax, is universally recommended as the best option for conserving leather products. There is no polemica around the ingredient.

The Huberd’s makes this same product for almost 100 years. Just the problem of the opinions of those who uses in the short term. The oils and waxes that they manufacture have passed the test of time, starting with the lumberjacks, which protected their boots from the demanding conditions of the northwest north american. You don’t find a testimonial, negative customers, and the best shoemakers and brands they approve.

The Huberd’s

Mr. Huberd founded the Huberd Shoe Grease Company in McMinnville, Oregon, in 1921. He created a conditioner to the leather to the base of bee’s wax to keep dried and preserved the boots of the lumberjacks, something indispensable during the winters of the northwest north american.

In 1929, he registered the trademark and obtained his patent, which soon won a legion of fans. The products of the Huberd’s do not use animal fat that could rot or any solvent or additive that will damage the leather. The formulas have survived the generations and the whole line of products continues at the top of the recommendations to keep the leather protected, conditioned and soft.

One client, Randy Hagwood, fond of the company that decided to buy it. In 2004 he changed the Huberd’s from Oregon to Arizona, where they continue to produce, pack and ship a variety of products for leather. The entire operation takes place in a small rural community focused on sustainability.

The Huberd’s Shoe Oil

The Huberd”s Shoe Oil is an oil based beeswax that protects and preserves the leather. The product is liquid and is easily absorbed. This is one of the big differentials, which does not leave the boots sticky.

Another difference is what I mentioned above. He basically has no validity, since it does not contain any ingredient with a short shelf life, which can rot or drying out. These products do not harm the fibers of the leather.

The oil is excellent for boots and shoes that do not need a wax heavy. By revitalize and moisturize the leather, is the ideal product for you to do the general maintenance of your shoes, jackets, etc. I like to use boots, because it retrieves the touch soft and buttery leather as new, but retains the marks of use. The boot can age beautiful and healthy.

It is also good to protect the shoes which you don’t use very much. The oil protects the leather from moisture, mold and rot. As was done for work boots, it also prevents the boot from drying out by contact with chemicals and fuels, the type of thing that you find in a factory or bike, for example.

Also I don’t have how not to talk about the packaging. Tin, by itself, is already a collectible. The oil comes in those packages retro, those that avoid any kind of modernity, and use the same fonts and design from half a century ago. The tin metal is white with blue, decorated by drawing a boot job, and the face of Mr. Huberd.

How To Use

It is quite easy to use.You can apply with a cloth or with the hands. The product is well nice and has a smell smoked. The boots absorb very well and are not gordurentas.

Clean your boots with a damp cloth to take the dust off and let it dry.Your boot must be dry and at room temperature or lightly heated.

Shake the can before opening. Apply a little oil with a cloth or even with the hands, applying it on the boot in a circular motion. Cover the entire surface and let the leather absorb it. Ready!

The oil Huberd’s is powerful and so you do not need to use all the time. Apply when your boot really need to and they will be protected for a good time.

For you to have an idea of how much it lasts, with a container of 230 ml, I took two leather jackets and nine boots, and still just over half left.

Where To Purchase

Enjoyed the product? Want to take better care of your boots to protect your investment and enjoy the footwear favorite for years and years?

I imported some cans, and now a product Huberd is available for the first time in Brazil. You can buy directly from the online store of Just Wanted to Have One.