Heels Fullcolor [50 Favourite Spots of Summer]

Summer seems to want more take strong colours, vibrant, vitamin and luminous. Whether in clothing or in supplements. A bland ensemble revives thanks to a pair of sandals with heels and full color, try and see. Goes for colors such as orange, green hope, lemon yellow, Bubblegum pink or blue klein. And to add the finishing touch to your look opt for a combined pedicure, don’t be afraid of color and put a cocktail of vitamins at your feet.

Heels full-color

  • Sandals with material effect green leather and clip closure of ASOs, by 36,32 euros.
  • Sandals peep toes with lemon yellow front platform of River Island, 65 euros.
  • Sandals with a strip before and in coral color of TopShop, for 59 euros.
  • Sandals with heel Suede Blue klein with multi-strap of Zara, for 19.99 euros.
  • Abotinadas sandals in neon orange color of Jimmy Choo, for 525 euros.
  • Sandals suede Fuchsia colour knotted at the ankle of Nasty Gal, per 40,36 EUR.

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