Gucci Modernizes Its Fabric and Neoprene Hightop

Renew or die. If that don’t ask him to Gucci, a signature with each time a greater number of followers especially on your footwear collection (among them Cristiano Ronaldo as I discussed a few days ago). Their high top, especially the anagram in fabric and leather upholstery, and prints have become everything a reference being able to do the very same shade Pierre Hardy. Therefore, the firm has decided to broaden horizons and try new designs, technologies and materials in their slippers, as it is the case right now is incumbent upon us.

For your collection spring-summer 2011 you will find plenty of models who, taking advantage that supposed to participate in a collection of warm season, they are committed by the neoprene, fabric, corduroy and synthetics in their designs and to streamline the model and introduce you a greater colour palette. On the model of the figure, has opted for whites, reds and Blues (traditional colors of the firm in a multitude of items like for example its collection of fashion optical), a more fit and breathable fabrics.

350 euros It is the price we have to pay for them, rather than traditional signature sneakers, which reach but we know that you being Gucci, the innovative and exclusive paid a high price.