Geox Will Launch a Sports Line

Known worldwide as the shoe that breathes, the Italian firm Geox He decided to venture into a wider with a new line of slippers and footwear sporting world which will be called Geox Net.

So, forget smelly sneakers and talc, with this new technology that incorporate Geox, your foot will be throughout the day, allowing it to breathe cool. Almost almost like a deshodorante. In addition, will come in three types of sole Depending on so they want it, something like the various collections that have other sports signatures: professionals, fitness and relaxed usage.
Geox Net It was presented in Milan as always like the Italians and will be available throughout Europe for the Spring 2009. Thus, Geox tries to repeat his success at world level with this line than to appeal to the sectors of major sporting consortia as Nike, Reebok, Adidas or Puma, It will be focused on a more select clientele who want a product that is quite an experience for your feet.