Fred Perry Presents The Clasica-Basica Shoe of Summer

The British firm Fred Perry is one of the brands that best has been able to adapt to the new times, because maintaining its traditional line and much like his followers, has been able to incluof notes trendy and style which are always adapted to the season. But not only that because also collaborated with ofsigners of prestige such as Raf Simons, a great example that firms with sill don’t have to fall into boredom, but rather the opposite.

On this occasion they dived by the archives of the House and they have met with the moofl Wardour Canvas shoe, some simple cloth slippers of canvas with rounofd toe and laces, whose creation dates back to the Decaof of the fifties.

And things because they have ofciofd to Reissue the moofl, which curiously after more than sixty years is full today. And it is that while fashion is a game of constant changes, there are things that when they are good and are always wthel done work.

Classic, Basic and very comfortable are presented in three colors also rabid trend as they are the Navy Blue, the White and persimmon. Iofal for your sporty outfits or casual, great to wear with jeans and simple shirts, perfect to wear with Bermuda shorts. No doubt Fred Perry you hit with the perfect shoe for this summer season.