Want to know how to enjoy the city of Frankfurt? So keep an eye on our post and read the attraction tips we brought you.

Frankfurt is famous in the world for being the business center of  Germany. What many people do not know is that  the city  is  a travel destination Fantástic the .  Being a dynamic region, modern and with grand buildings, tourists learn a lot there. In addition, there are a number of amazing cultural programs and sights to explore.

In order to help you build your  travel itinerary, we prepared this post. Here, you will see the history, curiosities, attractions and the best time to enjoy the region. Let’s start?

Frankfurt City History

The city over 1000 years old is officially called Frankfurt am Main. This name is named after the same river that runs through the region. Since ancient times, it was already considered a strategic metropolis. Similarly, the stage of important historical achievements. Examples are the coronations of kings held in 855 during the Holy Roman Empire.

Important treaties were also signed, such as the end of the War between Germany and France in 1870. The important German writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, born August 28, 1749, is a distinguished figure of Frankfurt. His works marked the stage of European Romanticism, an era of art focused on the feelings of the human being.

Unfortunately, the city also had its moments of mourning. It was invaded and devastated by the French army in the nineteenth century in the Napoleonic Wars. Even so, it remained upright. Already, after World War II, the city could not fully stand, having to have a part of it rebuilt. The reasons were the large bombings launched at the site.

Frankfurt Trade Shows

In addition to all the charm and amazing landscapes, you will find many fairs there. There are more than 35 per year in the city, with about 37,350 exhibitors. This tradition is so successful that it serves an audience of almost 1,500,000. Among them, we highlight the municipal market. Known for Kleinmarkthalle, the place is a great stop to try typical foods.

There are several choices of cheese, vegetables and meat that are worth tasting. Other street fairs are noteworthy, such as the Bornheimer Wochenmarkt, which happens once a week. Wochenmarkt Offenbach’s is on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The latter, in particular, is considered one of the most beautiful open fairs in the country.

Some curiosities about Frankfurt

As we start our list of curiosities, we highlight some facts about Frankfurt airport:

  • was only legalized after a court decision, for being located in another state;
  • 1749 watches scattered on site;
  • is considered to be the quietest in  Europe after the loudspeaker announcements have declined.

See a little more about the main curiosities of Frankfurt, which we have prepared for you:

  • It is Germany’s fifth largest city;
  • trains from outlying neighborhoods are 90% on time;
  • 95 countries have consulates in Frankfurt;
  • The city has about 15% of green area;
  • there are 53 art galleries, 30 theaters and 60 museums in the region;
  • Sports associations are well represented with a number of 427, with 107 of them football clubs.

Top Attractions to See in Frankfurt


Visit the Städel Museum

For fine art appreciation, the tip is to visit the Städel Museum. Founded in 1815, the site has a collection of historical paintings. They are works dating from the fourteenth to the twenty-first century and about 100,000 prints. It is also worth getting to know the collection of more than 2,500 paintings and 600 sculptures.


Knowing the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew

Also known as Kaiserdom, the Cathedral is Frankfurt’s most important Catholic monument. The present church, founded in 1550, was first built in the 7th century. From there, tourists can visit the 95 meter high tower and admire the reddish facade.


Spend at Palmengarten

How about contemplating some green area in the city of Frankfurt? This is possible by passing through the famous Palmengarten botanical garden. Founded since 1871, the space has air-conditioned and outdoor greenhouses. Among the sample, there are tropical and subtropical plants, in a space of 22 hectares.


Climb to the top of the Main Tower

Main Tower is a major commercial building in the city. With 56 floors and 240 meters high, it is the perfect place to see downtown Frankfurt from above. In addition to the privileged view, you can take beautiful photos of the structure of the building, which features bluish glazing.


Tour the Senckenberg Natural History Museum

The natural museum is another great attraction to enjoy. The tour to know the collection of birds, dinosaurs and the stages of animal evolution is a must. The building has 3 floors and underground there are different collections. Among the samples, the biggest highlight is the stuffed animals and the fossils.


Drinking apple wine in Sachsenhausen

Apple wine is a city tradition that is worth a try. The drink in the winter season is served hot to warm up the body. The most famous bar serving the product is at Apfelwein Adolf Wagner in the Sachsenhausen district. You can also find it in several other taverns in the area.

Best time to go to Frankfurt

The climate in the German city is considered temperate maritime, with possibilities of rainfall throughout the year. See below how Frankfurt looks in the main seasons of the year.


In the summer season ,  temperatures reach 26ºC and the low is around 13ºC. The warmest months are July and August.


In winter, the cold is due to very low temperatures. The average is from 7ºC to -1ºC. During this period, it can even snow in December, January and February.

Although it is great to travel to Frankfurt all year round, we recommend going from May to September. During this period, there are more hours of sunshine and temperatures are more pleasant in the city.