Hemsedal, Norway


The word “flom” means a small meadow surrounded by steep slopes. The Flåm Valley was formed over millions of years by several glaciers that are now majestic valleys. Flam itself is a picturesque, advertised town where Viking festivals are regularly held. The port is visited daily by tourist cruise liners and ships from Sweden and the Faroe Islands.

Note: according to allcitypopulation, the population of Norway is 5.408 million (2021).

How to get to Flam

Flight to Oslo, then by train to Flåm via Myrdal (56-60 EUR). Or by Nor-Way Bussekspress: express service between Flåm, Oslo and Bergen; buses depart 4-6 times a day


In Flåm, there are several shops with souvenirs and products of local craftsmen. In addition, a small shop is open at the Museum of the Flåm Railway, where, in fact, souvenirs associated with it are sold.

Egir Brewery & Pub serves delicious local beers. And in the neighboring town of Undredalsbrua, you can buy the famous Undredal goat cheese and delicious goat sausage.

Attractions and attractions in Flam

The Flåm Railway is an incredible train route from Myrdal mountain station to Flåm station. On the way, you need to admire and admire the beautiful Aurlandsfjord, an arm of the longest fjord in the world – the Sognefjord.

It is also worth a trip to Näreyfjord, another branch of the Sognefjord. This place is rightfully considered one of the most exciting and picturesque.

The open-air museum Otternes Bygdetun, on the territory of which there are 27 buildings dating back to the 17th century. From there you have a fabulous view of Flåm and the Aurlandsfjord.

Throughout the year, every day, every half an hour from 11:00 to 19:00, the Flåm Panorama cinema screens the film Life in the Fjords.

There are fantastic hiking and cycling routes in the vicinity of Flåm (for example, on the Rallarvegen excavation trail); good conditions for kayaking and hiking.


Hemsedal is a major ski resort 220 km from Oslo. It is sometimes referred to as the Scandinavian Alps and is where the World Cup giant slalom races take place. In addition to professional athletes, this resort is loved by families with children (there is a ski area for young skiers): there are well-equipped slopes of different difficulty levels, from green to black, and many other entertainments: dog sledding, snowshoeing and much more. In summer, the resort does not stop its work, and lovers of trekking and hiking come here, by the way, the ski lifts are also not closed for the summer, so you can climb up with your bike.

Hemsedal slopes

A large number of well-prepared slopes of varying degrees of difficulty in several ski areas: 4 – black, 6 – red, 7 – blue, 8 – green – good for both beginners and advanced skiers. Their total length is 40 kilometers. The longest track is 2800 meters. There are 15 lifts.

The resort has great opportunities for snowboarding and free skiing.

Night skiing is possible on the Hemsedalloypa (“red”), Sahaugloypa (“black”) and “green” slopes in the Children’s District.

There are discounts for regular skiers, and for vacationers over 65 there are “youth” prices.

Entertainment and attractions of Hemsedal

Dog sledding, horseback riding, 6 discos, large entertainment center, night club, 10 restaurants, bars, bowling, snowboarding, internet cafe. It offers horse and dog sleigh rides, ice climbing, torch skiing, night skiing on illuminated slopes, mountain climbing, mountain slalom, snowmobile hunting.

For kids

Children’s “Trollia Park” (Trollia) – a large set of entertainment for children from 3 months and older, there are educators. There is a special children’s slope with a playground, special tracks with 5 lifts, miniscooters with a special track.

If parents have a subscription (ski-pass) for ski lifts (minimum 3 days), Trollia Park provides free service for the child. Children under 7 ride for free with a helmet.

Hemsedal, Norway