Enchanted Christmas on the Rei Mi Walk

“I left my shoe in the window of the backyard
Santa Claus left my Christmas present
How is that Santa Claus does not forget anyone,
Be poor old IE Rico always comes.”

Is there anything hotter than be a child and enjoy the magic of Christmas? Believe in Santa Claus, let the shoe in the window to win this, write letters, be charmed by the beauty and grandeur of the Christmas trees, to imagine, to dream …. Of course, there is nothing more magical than the innocence of children and all the joy they spread this time of year!

And as today our post is dedicated to the children and we are in the mood of the holidays, we will show you the news who arrived on the RÉ MI FOOT, Campo Grande/MS store specializing in children’s footwear and accessories. Ai people, are so many fofurices: shoes, sandals, slippers, booties, sneakers, shoes, and for the little fashionistas still have hair accessories and even bags! We are completely dying to have a baby to decorate! Hahahaha! Here is our tip for those who want to leave the toys aside and present the kids with something that let them even more cute, or for moms who want to fill their frilly puppies tearing compliments where!!!