Draw: The Rei Mi Walk & Naturino

Hi love! Prepare another lottery mega special, but this time who will win a pampering are the junior Rozan Shakya. Hehehehehe! Our “Palpitinhos” are making the biggest success, moms are crazy with the owls fofurices we show here on the blog for the cubs. No one can resist! You remember the story we did on the children’s footwear from The REI Mi Walk? Look here! Our post has had a great impact and, to celebrate the success, the Italian brand Naturino and the store of REI Mi Foot, of Campo Grande (MS), will give a reader, with a beautiful sandals to let the baby even more fashion! Clarooo that the draw goes for moms, future moms, grannies, aunties, bridesmaids, anyway, everyone that has any (a) small (a) fashionista for gift giving!

The Please of the Naturino are made for children make the máxino the summer, with complete comfort! This line of please can be wet and Moms can stay quiet, because the quality of the product ensures that the top doesn’t take off of the sole. The Naturino, including pledges to replace them if a problem happens, since these sandals were developed to accompany the children throughout the summer, in dry or wet! Ahhhh, and it is important to note: the sole is slip-resistant and antibacterial insole. Ai guys, we’re delighted! The kids love it and the moms, grannies, aunties, bridesmaids, anyway, everyone baba neh?! RS

Look: the person drawn you can choose from one of the below, please in the colors silver, red or blue, between the number 18 to 24. What looks more like your baby?