Do You Prefer a Minimalist Footwear Cushioning or? The Question of The Week

In the world of running in which shoes are of great importance, there is a strong tendency to wearing shoes without cushioning that mimics the natural foot tread. And although the minimalist shoes They also have a large number of followers, there are those who prefer not to use. For this reason, the question of the week invites you to leave your opinion on the subject:

Do you prefer a minimalist footwear or buffer?

Tell us What is your preference in choosing shoes and why in our Viton answers section.

Personally, I must admit that although I was reducing the cushioning of shoes that I use, never I’ve adapted completely to the minimalist footwear that imitate the run or train barefoot. For that reason, I do still preferring a bit of cushioning in the shoe but paramount is that it is light and comfortable slippers.

And you, do you prefer a minimalist or shock-absorbing shoes? We look forward to your opinion and comments on the HowStuffWorks answers section.

Answers to the question of the week: do take steps to practice sport in the open air with cold?

Temperatures begin to feel that, the question of last week we were invited to share our measures to train outdoors with cold. And among the most valued responses there are: Ayo:

Very important to heat the joints before you start, for example to run.

Then we have to protect us from the cold, on the one hand to maintain heat and that our system heat regulator does not suffer much, and at the same time, to prevent the joints (knees, ankles,…) to cool.

Lower stem: below short delpantalon, a thermal tights that cover whole leg.

Shoes: Waterproof shoes (in case of rain). If we do not have them, take one or two thick socks to avoid moisture in the feet.

Upper trunk: thermal shirt below normal, a sweater and a raincoat (the latter in case of rain)

A hat, a panty for the neck and it will allow you to extend it to the nose and mouth (for extreme temperatures), and gloves (although I don’t use them because running since become hot fast hands and overwhelms me a little).