Desert Boots: The Full Story, Where to Buy and How to Use

The desert boots are boots male short barrel rubber-soled crepe. Usually made of suede, have two eyelets, and a few seams. These boots have been created in the years 50 by the Clarks, inspired by a model seen in World War ii. Decades later, are still relevant in the feet the most stylish in the world.

Desert Boots The Full Story, Where to Buy and How to Use

Depending on your age you will remember the desert boot London Fog, which suddenly disappeared from the shops. It is hard to believe. How can a classic boot like this be so difficult to find in Brazil? Though I have never gone out of fashion around the world, she disappeared from the shops in brazil.

You know why?

They say that the factories have stopped making because the crepe soles not ended never, believe? In addition to being extremely comfortable, this style of boot for men is very durable thanks to its sole made of natural rubber.

Who created it was a british brand called Clarks

Luckily, the desert boots originals are still manufactured by the Clarks, the same brand that created more than fifty years ago. These simple suede boots are so striking, the baptismal name has become synonymous with universal for the product, or razor blade to razor blade.

In this post I will explain for beginners what is a desert boots, I will tell the amazing story of this boot and share some tips of how to use. To finalize, it also has a list of stores where you can buy your desert boot!

  • What is a desert boot?
  • The History of the Desert Boot
  • The Desert Boots in Men’s Fashion
  • How To Use Desert Boot
  • Where to Buy a Desert Boot
  • Review of the Desert Boot Clarks

What is a desert boot?

Who invented and released the desert boot was an English brand called Clarks. They were the ones who invented the name, but it’s been so long and was so successful that he has become synonymous with the boots with the following details:

  • Cano average. The desert boot has the pipe in the middle, at the height of the ankle. Neither above, nor below.
  • 2 eyelets. Traditionally, the “desert boot” has only two eyelets. It is to be airy and rapid wear.
  • Leather suede. The material a more traditional desert boot is the suede leather, but nowadays you find other materials.
  • Crepe soles. Indispensable. The soles must be of crepe, a natural rubber as well as soft and durable.

These are the characteristics that make a boot a desert boot.

Enjoyed the visual?

The following, I will share the incredible story behind a simple boot.

The History of the Desert Boot

My first contact with a “desert boot” was in 2007. I saw this boot in a shop window modern in the United States. I liked the visual and I went. I tried it and found it comfortable. I took it to the box, and bought it.

Arriving home, I received some looks nostalgic people a little older. They told me that the boots I remembered a shoe that was successful in Brazil in the decade of the 80, called the London Fog.

Believe that until today I have not seen one of these London Fogs to the original? If you have one, please send a photo!

It was there that I realized a “something more” behind this boot that for me was a novelty. While writing this text, I stopped to think, and it was the first time we’ve actually researched on a product. So it was that I discovered an amazing story!

The desert boot is a boot that broke down geographic barriers and surmounted the pass of the years. It follows strong decade after decade.

You know what that is?

It is a great example of what went really right in the past, and continues right up to today. The classics are classics for a reason!

Just look at how it all began…


Like many other things in menswear, the origin of the desert boot is utilitarian. She was born in 1941 in the british army, in the middle of the Second World War.

In the off hours, a attentive soldier of the Eighth British Army, he noticed that many of the officers exchanged the boots for suede boots bought in a bazaar place. In addition to flexible and soft, these boots had the soles of crete, a natural rubber that serves as a thermal insulator and has the perfect grip for arid lands and hot.

But as she came to a stop in a factory in England?

The desert boot was stopping at a shoe factory in England because this soldier, named Nathan Clark, was in the right place at the right time.

By coincidence, he came from a traditional family of shoemakers and used the few spare time to draw and cut paper prototyping journal. These drawings were sent to the brother in England.

Clark was sure to have created a classic that would bring lots of money for the family. Little did he know that his relatives found the idea of casual world. Lacked refinement, or so they thought.

The complicated launch of the first Desert Boot

The Second War was over, and the time to make boots arrived. The family Clark continued not to believe in the project, but Nathan did not give up.

As soon as he arrived in England, he gave to the shoemakers of the factory the mission of making a reality of your vision. Selected the best materials and assembled a team far away from the eyes of the family.

He finally completed the final version of the desert boot in 1949:

  • The format was developed on top of a sandal Clarks that was very popular at the time.
  • The building he chose was the stitchdown, common in other styles of Clarks.
  • To differentiate the boot, he has chosen to make this construction with an orange line.
  • Opted for the suede beige, a tribute to the desert. This was pretty daring at a time when the majority of the male shoes were smooth leather.

But the prototype made does not mean the product approved. At the time of displaying the boot of dreams to the board, guess what happened?

They scold.

But calm down, not over. Now you will see how he comes out of that!

Where the British failed, the Americans got it right

The British have failed the ” desert boot because they find it very stripped-down, away from the elegance of the british. There was Nathan Clark, for the Fair of Shoes, of Chicago, in the United States. The yankees were casual, they will understand…

Nailed it! Look… americans really understand boots! It’s no wonder that they have some of the best brands of boots in the world. The american public was delighted with the visual. Found casual, ironically, common “tap English” that took her on the common.

The silhouette is simple and the soles of crepe captivated people. This warm welcome confirmed that the Nathan Clark already knew: The Clarks Desert Boots, considered one of the first casual shoes, it would be an absolute success.

With the american market open doors was not the Clarks deny the potential of the desert boot. The project was finally approved, and the battle won.

The result? The boot was also a success in the United Kingdom.

The Desert Boots in Men’s Fashion

It didn’t take long for desert boot Clarks make success in the market. She got to the top and not out more. Marked the men’s fashion and calçou cultural icons in several different eras. It has been nearly 70 years, but this simple pair of boots, medium continues on the feet of men.

In the 60’s – the Symbol of the revolution

In 60 years the desert boot has had a boom in popularity thanks to the movements countercultural. Young people around the world have adopted the uniform because the coincidence had nothing to do with the sophistication expected of the youth in the 60’s.

The Mods of England wore with his suits well-adjusted. In the United States, were a footwear favorite of Beatniks. In Paris, she wore the artists and intellectuals.

The controversy of desert boots in Jamaica

The fever came to Jamaica in the 70’s. Amazing!

Dennis Al Capone, a legend of the reggae, a Jamaican, arrived to sing that “those who do not use Clarks is nothing”. The young jamaicans of the movement dancehall cared for the boots and the bad reputation of the public drew the attention of the police in Kingston.

The police did not understand how the younger kids have the money to import boots and decided to prohibit the entrance of desert boots in the country. Anyone travelling to England and returned with the bag full to friends.

In the 80s – A good remedy for the gasoline guy

In the 80s the soles of the crepe extremely comfortable returned with all when the oil crisis forced the people in the Uk walk more walk!!!

Years 90 and 2000, desert on the catwalks

The simplicity and comfort of this boot has won the public over all these years. After so much success among us cool, the deserts came on the radar of fashion. Have earned space in editorials, collections, brands, collaborations hypadas and gained versions in various materials and colors.

The boots male simple that was born in the desert became a legend!

The pomp of the teddy boys, the visual euro-chic of the beatniks, the exuberance of the 60s, the arrogance preppy, the desert boot was already a symbol of all.

Okay wait what? It is never too late to be part of the tradition of desert boots.

Boot for men stylish and versatile. Don’t have much secret. The desert boot combines with a variety of situations. There are numerous ways to use one.

The simple design and the leather suede they may serve to contrast with the clothing and dictate the level of formality. An example is at the feet of George Harrison in the iconic cover of the album Abbey Road to make the suit more casual, different from the Chelsea Boots that he wore in the beginning of the Beatles. Another example is Prince Harry, which combines with a pair of chino’s and shirt social to break sobriety.

The same goes for the opposite. That is, if you want to be more elegant than jeans and a basic t shirt, put on a desert boot. It is true! Can’t think of anything that doesn’t match.

The desert is a boot neutral that gives for use all throughout the year.She goes with shorts or pants. You may be wearing on the job, at happy hour, on the Sunday stroll or a walk. Always with a lot of comfort, thanks to the soles of crepe super soft. The suede leaves she well stripped for you to feel very comfortable.

The neutral colors are wildcards that match everything. If the boot is brown, black, grey, beige or olive she’ll be great with clothes of blue, gray, or beige, for example. When you want to get out of sameness, a desert boot color guarantees a lot of personality for the simpler combinations, such as jeans and t-shirt.

Details make the difference… Bend the bar of the pants to show the barrel or even a half-colored is a great idea.

Liked the ideas? Follow the Instagram blog to see how to use my desert boots on a day-to-day.

Was anything missing? Leave a comment explaining how you prefer to put your.

Missed that ugly? Send there more references for us to upgrade together!

Where to Buy a Desert Boot

Well… although as well simple and be a super classic, it is not very easy to find a good desert boot in Brazil. I’ll give you some tips but I drafted a more complete list in this post about where to buy desert boot.

I even found a few options national cheap, but I prefer not to recommend. They do not have the authentic look. Are a corruption of something that was to be the basic, perfect, time-tested. Do not even look like desert boots.

Anyone who wants to buy one and do not repent should go direct to the source. I highly recommend the Clarks, the original, with his british charm.

The product is sold in the own site of the Clarks and Zappos. For special models, you can also look in specialty stores like Unionmade and the Endclothing.

I know that buying outside of the country it’s kind of complicated, so here are some tips for you not to get it wrong!!

Review of the Desert Boot’s Original Clarks

Once the first, always the original.

The model Clarks is sold in various materials. The most classic is the suede, but other extremely famous is the leather oiled called “Beeswax”.

My models are the Oakwood Suede and the Black Suede because the suede are my favorite. In second place comes the of Beeswax , which is the first photo from this content. Both are more rustic and casual than smooth leather, and it has more to do with the original proposal, and how stripped down this boot.

Construction of the Desert Boot

The desert boot from Clarks is made with a building known as “stitchdown”. It is one of the methods to mount boots and shoes.

In this simple process, the leather of the leather is facing out so that the shoemaker make a one seam that joins the insole assembly, and the leather. Then, the crepe soles is glued.

The video above explains better the process, only that in the Clarks this stitching is done by machine.

How is the leather?

The suede from Clarks has a firm consistency and has no brand. The material is very well selected.

The idea is to be casual. Unlike smooth leather, you do not have how to Polish and give that brightness. In my head it’s a way of saying “uses, is the will, and takes advantage of it. Forget that you’re making a mess and relaxes”. Even so, if you need to clean, follow the guide to clean suede shoes.

As it has a lot of texture, the suede goes well with jeans and other casual, that are usually made with fabrics rustic. On the other hand, I think not so cool with a suit, or fleece pants cold.

Cotton lining

Almost all desert boots Clarks are lined in fabric. The suede is pretty thick and would be very hard if was added a leather lining. I never had problems for not being leather. On the contrary, it is a breathable cotton that keeps your feet at a pleasant temperature.

Internal details

The insole of the boot is comfortable, but is not of the best. It is lined with leather, but thin, padded only in the heel. The product is a half foot on the ground, is part of the proposal.

Crepe soles: Comfort without equal!

This lack of insole is compensated for by the cleat. The crepe is a natural rubber very durable and soft. The rubber that Clarks uses is pure, almost translucent. The boot is relatively heavy, but I assure you that when wearing it feels like you’re barefoot.

How is the numbering of the Desert Boot Clarks?

The numbering of the Clarks is british. Numbers UK tend to be a number below the part of the americans. That is, if a boot is 10 UK, she is 11 US.

I ended up buying this boot through the number below of that shim usually because it is dry inside. A reference: my desert boot Clarks is the same size as my Converse All Star.

Now you know all about the desert boots: what they are, where they came from, how they have become a classic, how to use, where to buy and choose the right size!

I hope that you have enjoyed learning about this boot. To understand a little of the history of the products is fun. In addition to talking about the things that we like, learn how they are made and where it comes from make us appreciate more the routine of choosing clothes each day. In practice, this knowledge will help you assemble your style.


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