Converse Varvatos All Star Hi-Tops: Dress Your Feet of Leather

Today we bring you other shoes Converse, following the trends for this autumn-winter at the foot of the letter (and never better said), since they are made of leather. We present the Bowery John Varvatos Chuck Taylor All Star Hi-Tops.

They are of leather black, ideal if it rains the fabric wet then, and have a trim around the shoe and tongue. Strings are of the same material, so you will have to tie them with care that with the use of this material may be damaged.

Shoes include a backing, in whites with thin grey lines that you remember to classic pants liners. The sole is white and has a design that gives you a dirty look and appear to be used.

The shoe, the leather and the sole has an effect aged, as if the shoes were worn, which is always appreciated in this type of sneakers. It is that to me when they come out of the washer so pristine remind me of Emilio Aragón.

The price amounts to 170 euros about to change. A whim for most modern feet and rockers; but for which it is worth to invest our savings.