Converse Reissued The Shoe Starion’ 84

Converse reissued the shoe Starion´84 within the collection of Star Chevron products. At the moment we have exclusive release of are slippers, reissue of the legendary 1984 basketball shoe. Although its commercialization, as all the sporty line will not be up to the spring 2010.

In fact if you ask any basketball lover, maybe not recognize them by name, but the aesthetics of the slippers says it all. Does not occur as with converse them here the other day, the truth. These retain an air retro that you gives much personality to the shoe.

Now, if I ask to me, I would with the White. The “patent leather” details of the other two I don’t like much, at least to me that I like to go unnoticed. But ideal for who likes to enter a site with overwhelming personality. Although I admit that they are quite attractive the Red and the black. What questions!