Converse Joins Forces with Music for His Collection Autumn-Winter 2008 / 2009

The music more is becoming a complement and a justification for certain worlds as the fashion, to an own entity. You are banalizando too much and the popularization among a very young public with all its added clichés, it is exploited very well by certain brands. Converse It went a few years ago of new popularity thanks to this tactic of facelift. Before it was a forgotten shoe and today is the Queen of any wardrobe (and it already has 100 years of history).

It is no wonder that people some with two or three pairs (in my case, I have three), and even more, the accessibility of the brand allows just this: meet several combine according to the look that you want to carry every day. In addition, the shoes continue to maintain the informal style that has characterized them, so if the jeans is always the fashion pants, the Converse will remain the shoes to choose.

The American brand has seen the reef in music from the point of view of the consumer, so it is has been partnering to it years and years, and even committing the outrage of mythical characters as Ian Curtis or Sid Vicious, with the singer’s El Canto del Loco. This season they return to bet on the same strategy.

Personally don’t like me have great musicians turned into a worthless marketing product or an item of clothing to do so simplified, but the market wants it and is thus made. It is no wonder then that The Doors give name to a model of Converse for this autumn/winter, as it is the case of Kurt Cobain, another of the most mitificadas figures. Now, surprised to be with Gratefull Dead among the models of the new season.

That we see here are two of the four models that “pay tribute” to the Californian band. In them, how it was to be hoped, is the influence of psychedelia that Group reflected on his albums. The two unseen are the most bland, both the white and blue, instead the worn red and white are more alive.

Under the name of the former leader of Nirvana eight models are presented in black and white with a look of casual, with some finishes imitating the effect of dirt, and parts of his designs and drawings in the boots. You can choose low or high boot.

Other models where premium black are also those presented under the metal band Black Sabbath. There is no option for the low boot, are three designs featuring the leaders of the band, notably the angel and the usual spikes added to the harder model of the season.

And to finish with the groups: The Doors. One of the best bands in the history of the music becomes part with its iconic singer, Jim Morrison, part of the collection with bright colors in a beautifully designed, or opting for pure black for the boots or the military green with its famous slogan “The War Is Over”.

A collection for those who want to decorate their feet and take home one of your favorite artists.