Converse Bet on The Yacht in The Spring-Summer 2009

At the beginning of the year my colleague Luis already anticipated that they would return the moccasins in the next Spring-Summer 2009 but at that time, no one expected that one of the most famous for its sports brands launched a model inspired in the nautical classic. In this way Converse It seeks to break the rules and give the surprise with this pair.

There is it in four colors to each more vivid (except the simple white). Both in Fuchsia and yellow or blue fluorine. Three pairs of strangers since the yacht structure changes completely. The skin is replaced by canvas and the sole ceases to be thin to be formed of thick white paste. And the laces already not are them difficult and short of the nautical but them white of any sports of Converse.

I do not liked anything, wherever the original shoe that avoid redesigns as these, or that he saw Kanye West under Louis Vuitton. The price is around the 52 EUR. Would you put them?