Converse Bet on The Face for This Autumn 2010

With the arrival of the autumn also become new models for our feet. In this case it is the signature Converse that shows this model for the coming months within its line Chuck Taylor Hi.

As you can see the design it is broadly speaking the traditional brand but with a series of enhancements that have been introduced in order to the new collection. Anyway, what is most striking is the material, because on this occasion is leather and mainly by the before.

And it is that Suede is an elegant and appropriate for most autumnal days tissue but I just do not see as the most suitable for rainy days precisely.

Also has some atypical details to what talk we have used such as the intern of the cords with a design that subtly evokes to the more specific footwear of mountain as you can see in the image above. Dare with the before in your talk?