Converse All-Star Tie – Dye, Color First and Foremost

After seeing all the possibilities that Converse proposed in its collection large, the signature American has presented another line special where them colors again to be them main responsible of them designs. Colors complement to the couple seen in the collection Spring-Summer 2009.

Under the name Tie-Dye Collection Converse It proposes the dye in their peers. Exclusively and only with two different designs on the market: the classic boot low and high exchanged roles and colors.

Although it seems that there are two options within each style of boot, it is a simple optical effect. Converse It covers each side of his shoe with a colour that changes. By out blue and white with greenish completion and inside mauve mixed with orange. The toe in the low model is in black.

Two options suitable to want to dress up your feet with riskier designs.