Collections / Launches Moleca Shoes

When we think of shoes Moleca think of comfort and low price. It is also the head also those molinhas sneakers, but this is certainly not the only model of the brand. There are espadrilles, wedges, boots, birkens, moccasins, creepers, shoes and sandals raze.

This brand is for everybody. It tries to please women of all tastes, ages, regions, social class and style. For nearly 40 years, Moleca which is one of the hallmarks of the Beira Rio Group keeps this success story.

Its collections are released every season, then we get mad because Moleca shoes the previous season still gorgeous and super trendy, we have all.

Not because the jump is Anabela that the shoe needs to be dull if you look, you will find gorgeous boots Moleca, tall and short barrel with jump Anabela. It is beauty, comfort and price in a single shoe.

Of course you also find boots without heels, comfort does not change and now that winter is coming, buy boots Moleca are a great choice.

The birkens are super fashionable, and as they are very comfortable to Moleca could not stop investing in the model. For those who work in a more stripped the environment birkens can be used to work and ride a cool social look.

The moccasin is known for a long time, it is a great shoe for those who work long standing. You find that some model are super trendy, Oxford. This is the best shoe option to work, moccasin, either Oxford or may not make you very elegant.

Moleca is the strong competitor of All Star when it comes to stylish shoes. You find beautiful shoes, with perfect prints and even with sparkles. They are not at all behind the competitor’s tennis.

The creepers more found the Moleca currently are birkens or some very similar models with this.The outsole is cork and they are very comfortable, and beautiful.

The Moleca sandals are a charming part, the prints go to the heels and the straps are very varied, have models for every taste. Some have square high heels, others are Anabela, and some sandals are flats. The brand also has the paw half models, who are doing a darn successful.

For ladies who do not like to wear sneakers to make your rides, sneakers can be a great option, they are super squishy, fit the foot straight and give unparalleled comfort.