Collection Vans Glitch: a Bumper with Pixels

Safe that if have to some computer by the room, would get give a definition more exact of what is a Glitch, but to do a workaround fast and that understand best the design of the new collection of Vans for the season Autumn-winter 2010 / 2011, a glitch is a short-lived fault in any system. In a video game, for example, they have different manifestations as when the screen is locked when you run any specific movement and this sometimes leave pixels naked.

Y Vans He wished to pay a special tribute to these computer failures and the pixels in your new design for Vans. It is a series of 5 models where typical and characteristic of the Vans sneakers Chess Board has opted to pixelate and translate it into the canvas.

We have them in various colors: Green, blue, white and black, all of them on the model of low shoe and with a quite generous last, everything is said. For the price of the models don’t be alarmed, because they come to cost what it costs another Vans shoe of a different model.