Collection: Releases of Clogs Via Mars 2016

Wrong who thinks the clogs have fallen out of fashion, they just had one up on design and were redesigned. The Via Marte has a wide range of models and clogs if you search for sure will fall in love with some.

As I said, they have been redesigned and some don’t even seem to clogs. The main feature of it is letting the heel free, there’s no cops holding the feet back, just in front.

The clogs back Via Mars can be used as flats and are suitable for day to day, a walk to do a little shopping or even a ride outdoors. Already the clogs Anabela Via Mars are most suitable for work, take a walk in the Mall and those occasions when we get a little bit more.

The clogs Via Marte leather with fringes are indicadíssimos to enjoy a night. They have to jump high, square, combines with various looks and can make you very sexy. The clog Via Marte Clog style he’s cracking, it is great for a ballad because he though beautiful and super high heels, it’s comfortable and you can dance all night.

The platform shoes are for those who do not give up the high heels, but you have to stay very long standing. It’s good for those who work in environments more stripped.

Some clogs Via Mars have the Cork sole other in EVA. It is common you find decorated heels, not only prints, but also with leaked made in super varied formats. The jumps are also found thin and chrome.

Tips How to Use

Crawling the clogs can even replace our slippers, they are very charming and comfortable, are most suitable for totally informal tours, in case you need to shop or if you have to walk a lot.

As they are all open, are more fresh, great for the summer. You can go to the beach, pool or club.

Jump the clogs Anabela are most suitable for use in a walk to the Mall, with a looser dress, or shorts. Already the clogs jumps are most beautiful squares with skirt.

If you choose to use leather clogs with fringe, avoid using many other pieces of leather, tops the purse, but use other pieces with fringes. This can leave the visual messy and confusing.

The thin, high heel clogs in that the front leaves the finger out and not be too thick must be worn with pants and this should not be much glued. If you use dress or short skirt or pants legging type coladinha runs the risk of leaving the visual kitsch or vulgar.