Cloned and Plundered: The Oxford Zimmermann for Much Less

The Fashion weeks they are much more for the news of the upcoming season. Your street style us about garments that would perhaps never have had the opportunity to see or notice. And the same happened to me with some oxford heels that looked Aimee Song in New York. Fringe and gold lace, this shoe signed by Zimmermann He caught me from the minute 0. And now I have found the clone…

As it could not be otherwise, has been in the signature Spanish Zara. In black, with a lower heel and without golden lace detail (a key), already can look this version low-cost in our feet. And while the original cost 390 euros, the cloned version of zara can be yours by 49,95 EUR.

What do you think of this new discovery?

Photos | Song of Style

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