Cloned and Plundered: Thank You Amancio by Bring Givenchy Booties

  • Don’t bother looking for them, there in no shop.

Chaos. Despair. Impotence. Hope. Here are the (never better said) desencadenos feelings after seeing the new clone presented by Zara with one clearly inspired Givenchy. What’s going on? I no them in store because they have still not reached or have removed them from the market? I am afraid that this clone to exceeded expectations and perhaps just passing the famous clone of yesteryear with studded sandals and stones of Balmain or style sandals Louis Vuitton. And is this tomorrow when you wake up and do a check for all the websites of fashion I found this model of boots that I have fallen in love. I want them. The. I want to. Already. ALREADY.

At the moment they are not available but I I put in situation for you to have them present. The girl in the box told me that are the cruise collection so please jesusito! still have yet to no store and it has crept to someone post them on the web. I see me obsessed with them How has passed with the archifamosas platform shoes.

What do you think?