Cloned and Caught: The Slippers of Mango Were Inspired by a Celine

Often signatures they play the dismissal, and with a reputation for clones are more secretive and slightly inspired. Whether in shape, color, or both. And today is not a clone, just be It gives you a look at the original garment. A week ago the people was a garment of Mango taken from the new Tribal Spirit collection: It was some interlaced leather slippers pointed. But, wait a moment. Not seem to to the of? Celine?

Indeed, the Spanish firm takes as its starting point a model of shoes introduced in the new collection spring-summer 2016 of the French firm and shows its own version. In more muted colors and with the buckle placed in another position, the shoe is given an air… But no, it is not a clone in all rule.

What you think about the end result? You gone by succumbing to her charms?